Housekeeping/Urgent Question: How to finish Knife Madness?

Howdy folks. I hope everyone has been enjoying the Knife Madness tournament. After today, there are only 5 matches remaining, two more in Round 3 (Elite 8), two Final Four matches, and the Championship. Problem is, I haven’t quite figured out how to handle those last 3. I would appreciate some suggestions.

Round 1 matches consisted of full company profiles, history, and links to all of their social media feeds. Round 2 featured videos, both “official” as well as some reviews and other subjects. In Round 3 I have been doing a “Best of Instagram” which is basically just a half-dozen knife porn shots of each company’s products. I hope my mixing it up has kept it interesting for you all.

What would you like to see in the Final Four/Championship?

There are a couple of ideas bouncing around in my head, but it would require a bit of effort on the part of a few other people to make it work, so I don’t want to get ahead of my skis are it were.


I figured since I was writing about March Madness Brackets that ave nothing to do with basketball, I found a couple of other sites that are running similar contests within their respective niche/genera.


Garden and Gun is a magazine of Southern Sporting Culture – think “Southern Living” meets “Field and Stream” with a touch of “Rolling Stone” thrown in. I am a big fan. It is one of the few dead-tree publications to which I subscribe. They are running a bracket challenge of dog breeds. You can get in on that action here. Personally, I think Labrador Retriever got robbed. I know I am biased, but Chessies are a pain in the butt to train.

The site Alternate Histories is one with which I am completely unfamiliar. They just wrapped up their tournament of movie monsters, with Godzilla defeating Nosferatu to claim the title.

I actually went back and read their month of tournament content. It was fairly amusing, especially since there were many contestants I did not know.

Figured they were worth sharing for comparison as we begin to critique how our inaugural contest played out.

Please let me know your thoughts.


  1. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Ask members of the active military which they prefer.

    Ask people who you know own at least one from every brand in competition, I personally don’t own any Zero Tolerance. I just don’t like the cut of their jib. Kizer ditto.

    If this fails you can try penalty kicks. It works for the world cup. Or sudden death overtime. Or hockey penalty shots.


    1. Cadeyrn says:

      That sparked an idea. How about you call up the Forged in Fire folks and ask them to do a guest-testing of the final four knives and ask each of the companies to submit their best candidate for the tests. Then you and History Channel jointly publish the videos of the tests, then let people vote on that basis?

      I know, I know, a long shot, but, hey, no guts, no glory!

  2. WilliePfisterbottom says:

    Ask people who work for factory knife manufacturers what other-companies’ knives they think are of good quality

  3. stuartb says:

    Ask each manufacturer to write a single paragraph supporting their brand and a single picture of their representative blade. Gets you a direct link to the company and gives them a last chance to rally support for the final.

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Housekeeping/Urgent Question: How to finish Knife Madness?

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