How Do You Clean Your Knife Block?

I’ve long kept my kitchen knives in a knife block, despite many experts and knife junkies (accurately) decrying the practice as unsanitary. I’ve always made sure my blades are clean and dry before placing them back into the block, but nevertheless I’m sure it could use a thorough cleaning. Cue this handy article from Today.

The steps they recommend are actually pretty simple. You’ll just need some pipe cleaners to knock out any crumbs, a small stiff bristled brush to wash out the slots, and some bleach or vinegar to sanitize things once done.


Rinse well, then sanitize with a mild bleach solution (1 tablespoon of bleach to every gallon of water). Allow the solution to soak for one minute, then rinse the block and slots thoroughly. (Green cleaning alternative: Substitute bleach for undiluted vinegar or hydrogen peroxide.) Rinse well.

Sounds pretty simple. Enough to keep using your knife blocks, or do you just use a magnetic strip and save the hassle?

I’ll keep using mine. I like the convenience and the footprint. Plus, my collection has been getting  a lot more colorful of late!


  1. Sam L. says:

    I use magnetic strips. Get to see the blades, too. Have a step-daughter-in-law with a magnetic block for her Shun knives

  2. HandyDan says:

    I only use two different kitchen knives, so I use a magnetic strip. I had a block, but got rid of it to save room on my counters.

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How Do You Clean Your Knife Block?

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