How to carve a pumpkin like a pro

I am not sure what “and is better” means, and the article from HuffPo doesn’t say. Cool .gif though

We were lame this year and didn’t get our pumpkins carved until Friday night. I predominately used my drywall saw again. I just seem to get consistent results with it. Of course my pumpkins are nothing fancy, just holes carved for the eyes, nose and mouth. My father-in-law did a couple with templates, but that is about as elaborate as we get.

I found the article “Carve the Mona Lisa of Pumpkins” from  HuffingtonPost. In it, carver Mike Connor outlines the steps of what he calls the POOPO, or Procedural Order of Pumpkin Operations:

  1. Print out the image you want to carve into your pumpkin
  2. Find a pumpkin with a suitable shape for the image
  3. Make a hole somewhere to reach in and gut the pumpkin
  4. Tape the image to the pumpkin and trace it with a knife just enough to break the skin
  5. Shave the inside wall behind the entire tracing so that it’s an even one-quarter inch thick
  6. Carve your design
  7. Put a light inside
  8. Brag

He also goes into great detail about tools, and especially how to involve your children in the activity. It is one of the better overviews of more serious pumpkin carving that I have read.

I also found this cool video from the WSJ profiling Ray Villafane, an extreme pumpkin carver whom I believe I have seen on Food Network Halloween Wars. He seems like an odd duck, but his artwork is amazing.

Happy Halloween folks.



  1. Elise Xavier says:

    That is one seriously cool pumpkin gif!

    Loved the video of Ray Villafane – absolutely adore that “punched in the face” pumpkin haha.

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How to carve a pumpkin like a pro

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