How To Cut Your Veggies With A Hula-Hoop


There is something satisfying about the idea of a hula hoop with blades attached to it. Certainly not for personal use, but a hoop wielding villain would make a great enemy in a video game or another installment in the Indiana Jones franchise. Of course, Indy would just take him out with his pistol instead of being distracted by the theatrics of the whole thing.

Meanwhile, over in Zhejiang Province, China, a street performer has taken the idea of a bladed hoop and run with it… by turning the blades inward.

Measuring 2.5 meters across, the hoop has been outfitted with 36 knives (although they don’t look very sharp in the photo), facing inward. Add a couple of cucumbers, and the act is complete! Just watch…

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How To Cut Your Veggies With A Hula-Hoop

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