I am getting spoiled by Pop’s Custom Clips…(this time a Mini-Griptillian)

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Pops sent me a deep-carry clip for my Mini-Grip. I already fell in love with the one I have for my Leek.

When I spoke with John Centore of Pop’s Custom Clips the other night, I made an offhand remark about my Benchmade Mini-Griptillian. I did not expect him to send me another clip to go with the one I have been testing on my Kershaw Composite Leak. This time, I received the clip gratis direct from Pops. My other I received as a gift from a friend.

At any rate, I was thrilled to open the package and look at my new clip. This time the clip is a skeletonized black instead of natural titanium. It looks great with my black-bladed Mini-Grip.

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The Mini-Grip sits even lower than the Leek. Almost complete concealment.

I am a deep-carry convert. While a pocket-clipped EDC does not ruffle many feathers in Tennessee, there is always the chance I would run into that one hoplophobic nut and I prefer to avoid Imperial entanglements. The one knock on deep carry is that it makes drawing the knife more difficult. With practice, I find the difference to be negligible. Frankly, when I carry a knife for defense it is my Kim Breed fixed blade IWB, and deploy-speed is of greater importance with that blade than my EDC.

The fit on the Pop’s clip is wonderful. In fact, despite it only having two screws instead of the stock three, it has remained firm throughout a weekend of use. I have been carrying the Leek for several weeks now, and that two-screw clip is yet to show any wobble.

I am happy to have cultivated a relationship with John. Not only have I ended up with a couple of great clips that have entered into my EDC rotation, but the blog has reaped significant benefit as well. Obviously, this has made for great blog-fodder. I also mentioned that John has agreed to donate a clip of the winner’s choice as a runner-up prize in our essay contest. This is a great prize, and I can’t wait to hear from the recipient and get what I am sure is a concurring review to my own of these great products from Pop’s.



  1. NICE! I just ordered one for my mini grip as well after your first post. Can’t wait for it to come in. I’ve never had a deep carry clip, and I can’t wait for it.

  2. AW1Ed says:

    Waiting on the invoice for the custom clip for my ZT0350. Really looking forward, as about my only beef with the ZT was the very flat and tight clip, and how high it rides. So much so I rarely clip it at all, and it just swims around in my pocket- not ideal at all.
    This will fix both issues.

  3. Scott says:

    Ha. I converted Clay to something.

  4. Don in PA says:

    What a fantastic upgrade. I love clips that sit the knife deeper in my pocket.


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I am getting spoiled by Pop’s Custom Clips…(this time a Mini-Griptillian)

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