I got the Gerber dirty…


Another day at the office…

I am going to make tonight’s post short. I popped my hamstring this morning when I was guiding. My foot slipped on a mossy rock, I did a front to back split, and I felt my right hammy go pop. I swallowed 3 Aleve, gritted my teeth, and ground on for 5 more hours, putting my clients onto a mess of fish. I even managed to catch a few while teaching/demonstrating- including on the last cast of the day. My leg hurts like hell, but today was a good day.

I even had the opportunity to put the Gerber Strong Arm to use. I have been carrying it for a couple of trips, but it mostly stayed in the sheath. Today I used it for both slicing my tomatoes at lunch, and for some streamside branch removal to retrieve some snagged flies.


The Strong Arm is a heck of a camp kitchen tool

I am coming to discover that the Gerber Strong Arm has wonderful culinary manners. I have already put it to use making pickles and processing garden produce. Today I sliced a homegrown tomato at lunch and it did a fantastic job, tracking nicely and creating even slices.


The Strong Arm can get dirty too.

That isn’t to say that the Strong Arm doesn’t live up to its name. It proved able when called upon to cut down a branch to retrieve some snagged flies. I bent down a couple of branches and sliced at the wood. The Strong Arm sheared away thick slices of wood, until the branches came down. I also cleared a couple of fallen branches from the trail.

The Gerber Strong Arm is proving to be a capable knife. I will keep the updates coming.


I will wait for something bigger to test the Gerber’s gutting ability.


  1. PeterK says:

    Cute fish. 🙂

    Nice coverage. Glad to see the Gerber performing well.

  2. Spencer says:

    Maybe Gerber finally can get its act together and make a decent knife.

    1. I have been extremely pleased with the Propel Auto. Expect a full review soon.

      . As for the Strong Arm…I like may things about this knife including the blade shape and edge holding. Others I am not as thrilled with. The sheath does best when strapped to a pack. Free-hanging vertical carry doesn’t work well at all. The handle ergonomics are a little off IMHO

  3. cmeat says:

    being hamstrung has taught me: don’t shovel snow in my loafers. don’t chase the neighborhood kids around the playground, even if they want you too. drove home the fact that i should no longer zig or zag. ouch. that last one was ginger for months.
    i hope you had your pom- poms held high when you went down. how you were able to continue is impressive.

    1. I wouldn’t have been able to had they not been fairly competent fisher-folks, the husband especially. I was able to take them somewhere that required less climbing over rocks and more trail walking. Even though I couldn’t straighten my leg fully, I was able to move around effectively between them on the trail.
      There was a lot of teeth gritting involved.

      The worst was getting out of the truck after an hour drive home. By then it had stiffened up. Not fun.

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I got the Gerber dirty…

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