I guess you guys are thirsty…


Someone get @AmericanRugGear a beer.

I promise that I am not going to do nothing but updates for the next 2 weeks while the @knifetruth #BeerDefender Twitter Contest runs. I will admit to wanting to knock this out quickly tonight since I have been tying flies somewhat manically the last few days. The Orvis Guide Rendezvous is coming up next week, and my fly boxes were in late-season rather than ready-to-go form.

Given the somewhat lackluster performance of some of my previous contests, I am thrilled that we got 4 responses in the first day. Plus there were a couple of entertaining comments here on the blog. In fact, they were worthy of consideration for the runner up prize of the Empire Outfitters T-Shirt. So as TTAK’s Benevalent Dictator, I am modifying the rules to allow those of you who are not on Twitter to participate.

New rule: If you put your submission in Haiku or Limerick form on the blog’s comment section, you can qualify for a prize.

Today’s official entries are below the jump.




Keep them coming, @knifetruth. Or just leave us a funny comment here. As I said, Limerick or Haiku form qualifies for the t-shirt.

IMG_5283Back to the vise for me.



  1. AW1Ed says:

    Sidewalks cleared again
    Snow gently falls, piling deeply
    Screw this, I need beer

  2. Jon M. says:

    Good luck to all #BeerDefenders,
    140 or less for contenders,
    For if your Tweet
    is sharp and elite,
    Your prize will be one to remember!

  3. cmeat says:

    bread soup ferments now
    access too often denied
    imbibing granted

    my beer’s often sealed with a cap
    when it’s not coming out of a tap
    this defender of beer
    when it finally gets here
    may prevent it from tasting like crap

  4. StuartB says:

    So Clay,
    More stuff to give away?
    A bottle top tactical flipper,
    one that might not exactly install fear in Jack
    (the Ripper)
    But hey, it’s not like every day
    We get to play
    At ‘laminous poetray’,
    So we take a stab at that
    To crack open that cap
    In a boozy Tacti-Cool way

  5. Sam L. says:

    Because my beer is beset, surrounded on all sides by those who hate it, wish to destroy it, crush it, break it, and spread its precious bodily fluid into the ground, and it appealed to me, “Help me, Obi-Sam, you’re my only hope!”

    My beer is beset,
    For it do I fret,
    It’s time is not yet,
    If the Beer Defender I get.

    Help me, Obi-Sam, you’re my only hope!
    Get a Beer Defender, you dope!
    Fight for me fiercely,
    Do not let them pierce me,
    Or hit me with soap on a rope.

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I guess you guys are thirsty…

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