Idaho Couple’s knives featured in the movie The Revenant.

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Idaho Knife Works made the knives for the movie The Revenant.

I didn’t see The Revenant. I guess you could classify me as a DiCaprio hater. I just can’t stand the guy. I know he has grown into a respected actor, but I still see him as a whiny little puke. I didn’t see Titanic in a theater, but I am sure I would have been one of those clapping as he slid off into the icy abyss. Feel-good movie of the year.

That said, I do like handcrafted period knives. Several knives are featured in the movie, and they were made by Mike and Debbie Mann of Idaho Knife Works.


“The Manns’ handcrafted knives were featured in the movie featuring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Domhnall Gleeson and Will Poulter.

“It was really cool to be watching the movie then, all of a sudden, one of our knives are shown,” said Mike, known in the mountain man rendezvous world as “Padre.”

“I said to Debbie, ‘There’s Hudson Bay (knife style)’ just loud enough to where people in front of us looked back at us like, ‘What do you mean?'”



Mike and Debbie Mann of Idaho Knife Works

The Manns own Idaho Knife Works, a Western-style building next to their remote log cabin on the top of Hoodoo Mountain outside Blanchard. They sold five knives to Dean Eilertson, the movie’s prop master, upon request.

The couple sent three styles — Hudson Bay, well-liked by hunters of the mid-19th century and originally sold by the Hudson Bay Co.; Old San Francisco Bowie, a gambler’s knife of the Cowboy Era; and Nessmuk, a hunter’s knife named after the pen name of Forest and Stream magazine writer George Washington Sears in the 1880s.

“They made me look like a hero,” Eilertson said of the Manns. “When the knives arrived and I showed them to Tom Hardy, he loved them.”

Hardy, who played the role of John Fitzgerald, carried the Hudson Bay throughout most of the movie, and it was taken by DiCaprio during a fight in a river scene near the end.

I am incredibly impressed by the look of their knives. If I were into Cowboy Action Shooting, I would pick one up in a heartbeat. Beautiful period knives.


  1. cmeat says:

    i also harbor an intense dislike for dacrappio.
    among others. but that’s enough.
    thanks for not holding back.

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Idaho Couple’s knives featured in the movie The Revenant.

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