IDF troops to be issued neck-protectors as Knife Intifada continues

It is mind-boggling that when I went to look for a recent Knife Intifada stabbing video, I had dozens to chose from in the last month alone. The attack above was not on a soldier, but illustrates a typical downward stabbing attack. While a trained killer would thrust forward into the ribs of an unarmored victim, the jugular vein and subclavian artery is the most vulnerable area on someone wearing body armor. The downward stab was effective enough on these Israeli civilians, two victims died in the attack.

This is set to change in the coming months as the IDF is testing a semi-rigid neck protector, designed to deflect a knife blow away from these vulnerable areas.

From ForeignPolicy:

Although Segel did not elaborate on how the neck guards were designed, Maj. Guy Elazar, from the IDF’s counterterrorism unit, told the military-run publication Bamahane that the “the inner part of the protector is gentle to the touch [and] the external section is made of half-rigid plastic, which is low and wide so as to defend the connection between the neck and the shoulder blade.”

The new guard has reportedly already been taken into the field for testing and will soon be sent out to units operating in areas where knife attacks have been most common in the West Bank. Up to 850 soldiers may participate in the first round before the IDF considers handing out neck guards to other troops in vulnerable positions.

In addition to the 100 stabbings reported by the IDF, Palestinians and Israeli Arabs have reportedly carried out at least 37 shootings and 22 car rammings since Sept. 14 — leaving almost two dozen Israelis dead. During the same time period, at least 132 Palestinians have been killed at the hands of the IDF. Israel says the vast majority were killed while carrying out attacks against its troops and civilians.

Imagine that, psychopathic death-cultists are flexible in their choice of tools. Let’s ban everything.


  1. samuraichatter says:

    The whole knife intifada thing is an orchestrated affair. Teenagers and grandmas did not just wake up one day and say, “I think I will stab a Jew today.” Palestinians have used much more sophisticated (and effective) weapons in the past; rockets, bombs, guns, etc. This fad is done for shock effect and also to fuel the narrative of the Palestinian/Arab/Muslim as the little, oppressed (and brave) victim and the Israeli’s as cowardly (colonial) tyrants who shoot freedom fighters. What they could not do militarily in pretty much every conflict up to and including the Yom Kippur War, they are now trying to accomplish via an international guilt trip and sympathy push. I am not buying it.

  2. Sam L. says:

    If the Israelis actually did what they’ve been accused of, nobody would mess with them.

    1. sagebrushracer says:

      good point.

  3. jlottmc says:

    Ahh what’s old is new again. The Marine’s tried this about a hundred plus years ago (hence the name Leatherneck’s), they found that the leather collar didn’t do much to protect against a sword slash, and hampered neck and head movement.

    Agreed on the above comments; all of them.

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IDF troops to be issued neck-protectors as Knife Intifada continues

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