“If all I have is a Hello Kitty cookie jar, then it is a tactical Hello Kitty cookie jar.”


An “arsenal” of ceramic tchotchkes

As I mentioned yesterday, according to FBI data, there were 518 blunt-object homicides in the US in 2012. Cain killed Abel with a rock. Blunt objects can mess you up. 22-year old Basim Marshall of Jersey City learned this obvious lesson when he chased his neighbor inside his home with a kitchen knife. That man’s sister beat Marshall with what has been described as a “ceramic decoration”.

From NJ.com:

“The victim told police that Marshall approached him looking to fight. And when the victim walked away, Marshall followed him all the way into the backyard of his house, reports said.

The victim said that when he demanded Marshall leave the property, a fight ensued and he, the victim, won, reports said.

Marshall left the house, but went to his home, only a few doors away, and returned with a kitchen knife, reports said.

At that point, the 26-year-old was on the front steps with his 26-year-old sister, reports said.

When they spotted Marshall, they ran up the stairs and tried to close the front door, but Marshall forced his way in, swinging the knife at the male victim, reports said.

The sister then picked up a ceramic decoration and beat Marshall over the head and about his body, breaking it in the process, reports said.”

When facing attack, fight back with all means available. While I prefer to have some sort of actual melee weapon close at hand, to paraphrase knifemaker and retired SOF Operator Kim Breed, “If it is you and me and all I have is a ceramic Hello Kitty cookie jar, then it is a tactical ceramic Hello Kitty cookie jar.”


A tactical ceramic Hello Kitty cookie jar.



  1. John F. MacMichael says:

    Or, as Robert A. Heinlein put it in “Starship Troopers”, “There are no dangerous weapons, there are only dangerous men.”

    On a lighter note, the concept of “…a tactical ceramic Hello Kitty cookie jar.” makes me laugh. It is funny because it’s true.

    1. My wife said I was a dork. I am glad someone else found it as amusing to think about as I did.

  2. cmeat says:

    before the advent of cell phones, domestic violence favored the ol’ bakelite rotary dial.

    1. B says:

      Anything made of Bakelite, from AK47 magazines to little Nikolai Gogol sculptures, can bring the b#stards down.

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“If all I have is a Hello Kitty cookie jar, then it is a tactical Hello Kitty cookie jar.”

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