Illegal immigrant stabs man for telling him to stop urinating at a bus stop

illegal immigrant stabs

From WJLA:

An undocumented immigrant urinating in public used a box cutter to repeatedly stab a man who had merely suggested he pull up his trousers and use a proper restroom, police say.

On Nov. 30, around 11 p.m., Montgomery County Police were dispatched to the Wheaton Metro bus turnaround along Georgia Avenue. Upon stepping out of their cruisers, officers saw a man with stab wounds and bloody slashes to his neck, face and stomach.

That victim, plus an uninjured eyewitness, pointed officers toward Salvador Gomez-Lopez, 46, who was allegedly drunk and belligerent. The two men explained that Gomez-Lopez was relieving himself in plain view of fellow bus passengers. When the victim questioned his actions, Gomez-Lopez reportedly reached into his backpack and grabbed hold of a razor-sharp box cutter.

What followed was a physical tussle that landed both Gomez-Lopez and the victim on the cold bus stop pavement. The victim ultimately pried away the knife, but only after suffering serious lacerations, including three deep cuts to the neck.

Police say Gomez-Lopez was “uncooperative,” provided them with a fake name during questioning and has meager ties to the community.

According to Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Gomez-Lopez is an El Salvadoran national who is in the United States illegally. ICE has since lodged an immigration detainer against Gomez-Lopez. He is currently in Montgomery County custody.

Now I know that people can quote me statistics that illegal immigrants are a net-positive or net-negative for the economy, require more or less public resources, or commit crimes at a greater or lesser rate than the native born. You know who doesn’t care? The man who was stabbed by the illegal perp.

Kate Steinle probably wouldn’t care much about what the statistics say. That Indianapolis Colts player killed this weekend by a twice deported illegal drunk driver probably wouldn’t care about the philosophical nuances of a broken immigration system, or that he was hit by a car as opposed to stabbed or shot.

You know what they probably would care about? That a vast percentage of crimes committed by people who are not supposed to be here could be prevented if the people who aren’t supposed to be here are not here to commit the crimes in the first place.

I am the first generation American son of an immigrant father. It is not racist or bigoted to insist that those who wish to come to this country do so in an orderly manner, and be held to a high standard of conduct to remain until they complete the naturalization process or return home. That doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from.




  1. All we need at the border is two rows of chain-link fence, 10 feet in height, topped with razor wire, 25 feet apart. In between planted with 2 inch gnarly spiked Cholla cacti closely spaced. Then bring back all our trained attack dogs from Iraq and Afganistan, turn ’em loose in the 25 foot space. Provide them with water and they’ll find their own food. Spend the money for a wall to round up all illegal criminal immigrants and send ’em home in a box!!

  2. Sam L. says:

    Democrat politicians can’t understand why we care.

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Illegal immigrant stabs man for telling him to stop urinating at a bus stop

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