Images of the day: Do it for the Padawans…


Sure they do.

The assertion above is not quite true. The civilian-disarmament complex will never waste time blaming the tool rather than the actor while apologizing for the actor (unless that actor confirms their deeply-held bigotry). Why else would they want to restrict the rights of the countless people who didn’t do anything to harm anyone?

To those who would like to restrict the God-given rights of the people to bear the tools of their choosing, I have one thing to say…


Go ahead. Try.

If they outlaw lightsabers, only outlaws will have lightsabers.

(h/t LibertarianRepublic for image #1)

ICYMI: Yes, go ahead and try. Do it. We dare you.


  1. Grindstone says:

    “If they outlaw lightsabers, only outlaws will have lightsabers.”

    Kenobi was a fugitive hiding a banned weapon. And he gave it to an irresponsible teenage. No background check, no mandatory officially sanctioned training.

  2. cmeat says:

    that’s my favorite bicycle pump!

  3. David says:

    There’s a few seconds in that movie that shows a padwan putting up a heck of a fight. If you don’t see the ambush coming then not much will help you. Most of the (armed) Jedi got killed by non-telekentic storm troopers. Obi wan only lived cuz he got lucky. And Ani was “only” a padwan before he killed Mace Windu.

    If they outlaw lightsabers, we will still have lightsabers 🙂

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Images of the day: Do it for the Padawans…

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