Inaugural Comment Contest Winner: Alec

Image Courtesy Alec for The Truth About Knives

As I’d mentioned before, TTAK was scheduled to go live on March 19th. Nick Leghorn was helping me out by porting over some of his knife-related content from The Truth About Guns, when comments started appearing out of the ether.

TTAK’s first actual comment was simply the word “First” from reader Alec. While not quite as eloquent “I claim this land for France” or Neil Armstrong’s first words on the moon, it gives him bragging rights as our first loyal reader.

It also makes Alec the lucky winner of our first unannounced contest (no purchase necessary, void where prohibited by law,etc): a gift box of some promotional swag I’ve accumulated over the years writing for TTAG. Alec got a SIG/Sauer hat, eye pro, and a microfiber lens cleaner. It ain’t much, but it comes from the heart.

We’ll do our best to make sure that future contests will be promoted more effectively. Most of our prizes consist of hats at the moment, but there should be a few pointy things before too long.

PS: I know that some of you will go check the comments section to check this for yourself, and the MUT review comments section now shows that Brian Z. beat him to the punch. I was on it within minutes, as the timestamp shows, and Alec was actually the first. I don’t know why WordPress does some of the things it does sometimes, but I can also send out a few hats to Brian Z. if he wants equal honors.

Keep the comments coming, and thanks for reading!



  1. Aharon says:

    Well congrats. I really wanted to be first.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      I’m a pushover; what hat do you want?

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Inaugural Comment Contest Winner: Alec

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