Incendiary headline of the Day: “Truck targets revelers in France”.


Burying the lede…

The truck “targeted” revelers? Is this a bad Disney movie? What sort of magical, anthropomorphized truck is capable of targeting anything. A truck is a (very unwieldy) paperweight without an outside actor. It has no free will. It is an inanimate object.

The above headline comes from my local fishwrap, the Knoxville News Sentinel. It is one of the most obtuse headlines I have ever read.

Monday we witnessed another jihadi attack, this time in Germany. The axe and knife used to injure more than 20 people did not attack those people on the train, a 17 year-old Afghan refugee did. The tools the perpetrators used to attack did not hate their victims, the person controlling them did.

The “ideology” has used these same tools in Israel in what is being called “the Knife Intifada”. Scores of stabbings including the recent killing of a 13 year-old Israeli-American girl asleep in her bed. There have also been dozens of attacks where a vehicle was the tool of choice.

I am sitting within 20 feet of 3 machetes, 2 axes, dozens of knives, 3 vehicles, and a scary black rifle. None of these tools are capable of “targeting” anyone.

It takes an actor intent on mayhem to impart action to any tool. That individual chooses to act. They alone bear responsibility. The tool is simply the vehicle for the action.


  1. Billy says:

    Earth was passing through the tail of a comet, yeah that’s it.

  2. Jake says:

    Thank you, I’ve been saying the exact same thing for years. If someone is intent on harming others, they can use any object. Even those not normally viewed as “weapons”.

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Incendiary headline of the Day: “Truck targets revelers in France”.

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