Incendiary Image of the Day: Britain is Toast.


This probably could qualify as a Sunday Funny, but I don’t want to wait a whole week to share it. Besides, there is nothing funny about the British Governments persecution of honest and otherwise law-abiding knife users. It is tragic really, that the Brits no longer deserve the moniker “Great”. No society that fetishizes an inanimate object rather than focus on the people actually committing crimes can call label itself thusly.

The nonsense did lead to one of the world’s greatest examples of unintentional non-parody though, when I film crew rode along with a London anti-knife-crime task force. These people are completely oblivious to the insanity that they are perpetrating. To quote the movie Beautiful Girls, “(they) are like the mental patient that doesn’t know he’s mental”.

Of course if you are a Royal like Camilla, you can point a knife at the Prince threateningly, with no consequence – it is jolly-good sport. I bet Prince Charles would not face sanction for buttering his toast. Not that he would stoop to perform such a pedestrian action.

(h/t Operator Operating Operationally)


  1. Sam L. says:

    Britain is now greatly mental. One wonders, though, how many knives are confiscated from “immigrants”?

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Britain is Toast.

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