Incendiary Image of the Day: British Hoplophobia jumps the shark.

Ban Sticks!

Ban all the sticks!!!

We have long joked that the isle formerly known as “Great” Britain would outlaw sticks if given the opportunity. Their laws are hoplophobic insanity. Please be clear we were doing so in jest, but apparently Her Majesty’s constabulary didn’t get the joke. This picture came across my BookFace feed last night (shared by a friend via the Operator Operating Operationally page). The local gendarmerie  in the Cazenove ward of London tweeted the photo above after a “weapons sweep” at a public housing project. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have reached Peak British Hoplophobia.

British Hoplophobia has officially “jumped the shark”.


image from

As the Brits would say, “I’m Gobsmacked!”.  Maybe it is time for deforestation campaign, “for the children”. However, then the Greens would say we can’t cut down all the trees because global warming is going to “harm the children”. In the mean time the MPS will continue their futile attempt to control the symptom rather than treat the disease of violent crime.

I must confess that I did use this picture last night to mildly troll AntiKnifeUK on our Instagram feed. For a while that group’s jefe, Danny O’Brien and I had been maintaining a respectful back and forth on Twitter. However, at some point he decided that he couldn’t handle the truth, and blocked me. I assure you that I never crossed any line that would reflect poorly on TTAK. There was no heated exchange or anything,  In fact, it was probably a month before I realized I was blocked.


As far as internet trolling goes, this is pretty mild.


Danny was recently honored with a British Citizen Award for his organization’s work.

from the Ilford Recorder:

“Danny created the not-for-profit organisation Anti-Knife UK in 2008 in the wake of high-profile attacks across the country involving young people.

The fatal stabbing of Holloway student Ben Kinsella was the final catalyst which made Danny want to try and do something about it.

He was determined to make an impact on the problem of knife crime by trying to persuade youngsters to put down their weapons.

Danny said: “I was humbled and very surprised to receive the nomination.

“It’s great to get the award, as it will help me to push the anti-knife crime message out further.

“I got sick of picking up the newspaper and reading about another youth being killed or hurt, and I realised it was much worse as it was happening to other people across the country, with hardly any media mention outside of their local area.

“It just reached a point where I felt enough was enough.

“For me, this award is dedicated to all those lost to knife crime across the UK, and to the loved ones left to pick up the pieces, and also to all members of Anti-knife UK, especially Kathleen Rohan and Alfie Clegg.”

During the campaign, Danny has started the Thumbs Down to Knife Crime social media campaign, encouraging celebrities and people from all walks of life to post pictures of themselves making a ‘thumbs down’ sign.”

I do honestly applaud his motivation if not his efforts. Unlike Shannon Watts, who has a multi-billionaire backing her astroturf organization, Danny is actually just a grass-roots guy who decided to take action himself. I imagine that formal recognition for 7 years of work was very rewarding. The goal of reducing injuries and death from violent crime is obviously noble and shared by us at TTAK.

The problem is that while Danny is campaigning to have youngsters put down knives, I am dedicating myself to promoting a world where every youngster is encouraged to carry a knife as part of an education into responsibility and self reliance. It is the path that my own children have embarked upon, and it is why I work so hard trying to promote knife culture and knife rights here at TTAK.

If you are in the mood for some facepalm entertainment, check out AntiKnifeUK’s twitter page and their #thumbsdowntoknifecrime campaign, where they get citizens, celebrities, and police to tweet “thumbs down” photos. It is simultaneously amusing and migraine inducing. Of course I can’t since I am blocked on twitter, and imagine I will soon be so on Instagram now that I have initiated a contact. If you do comment or respond to them, please say hello from @knifetruth, and please keep it civil.

Update: 1:15pm AntiKnifeUK has let us out of time-out and is following us again. I like a friendly debate, and thankfully the egos in the knife world are sooo much smaller than those in the world of firearms. I can’t imagine a friendly chat between Ms. Watts and TTAG’s own jefe Robert Farago.





  1. elcas says:

    they also recovered forks, toothpicks and gasoline from a car ….

    1. unknown says:

      Affirmative. A liter of petrol for her majesty

  2. Steve In MA (now RI) says:

    Sweet Jesus, the whole island has gone full [potato]. (edit – HCA).

    1. I am still trying to decide if it was a boiled frog scenario or if they all ment insane at once. Sort of like unceremoniously dumping Churchill post war.

  3. cmeat says:

    wouldn’t it be simpler to post images of individuals who are pro knife violence?

  4. Danny O'Brien BCAc says:

    I would like to firstly like to thank your group for it’s kind words about my award on July 9th.
    I would also like to say I am not against the use of knives in work or sport….but I am against the cowards who use knives to injure or killed people.
    The weapon sweeps are a new thing that the police across the country are using and it is taking weapons of the streets. They focus on estates where gang members live or use to hide weapons.
    I do understand you might not agree or think we are a lil loopy in the UK , but we do an issue across the UK with knife crime. I don’t understand fully why Americans want to be armed, but I know that in your country laws it gives all americans the right to beare arms. I have unblocked this group on twitter and hope that any debate from this will be done in friendship rather then just attacking me because I am from the UK.

    1. We try to keep things largely flame-free. It is the philosophy here, as it is at our parent blog, The Truth About Guns, that the media is all too-eager to portray gun-owners/knife-carriers as unhinged lunatics. We need to hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct because the actions of the lowest common denominator are used to tar us all.

    2. Grindstone says:

      I’m just curious as to what you will do once knives are so tightly regulated that criminals move on to another weapon.

  5. Sam L. says:

    Baseball bats? Not Cricket bats? The HORROR! The horror…

    1. Brilliant! Obviously being baseball bats they could not be used for sport.

  6. David says:

    I am not as nice as you Clay. I do not mind people w/ a different opinion but I do not take well to blocks, kick outs, and walk outs. They are more disrespectful than uncivil words. I will not be saying anything at or to antiknifeuk as I value the spirit of the 1st amendment as much as I do the 2nd.

    1. I agree with you in principle, and would act accordingly in the personal arena.

      I am channeling my inner Sun Tzu as a cordial dialogue and understanding might further the overall mission of the blog and the movement in general.

      Europe and England are the canaries on the coal mine. It is the job of us who value the Constitution and what it stands for to heed the call of the legendary WF Buckley and stand athwart history and yell “STOP!” There are too many here who are driving us headlong in the direction of Europe.

      A bit of detente with an individual who is suffering from the horrible affliction of hoplophobia, and whom I am quite sure is just a regular citizen not on the payroll of a Nanny Bloomberg type figure or entity is not the worst activity for me to be engaging in under the circumstance.

    2. Danny O'Brien BCAc says:

      In hindsight I will say that the blocking of this group on twitter was a little on the harsh side. But at the time it was an option that I was able to use as things were starting to get a lil heated at times and I run this campaign mainly on my own. This means I am dealing with issues 24/7 and the debate coming from your group was pretty full on, because you guys do not back down in an arguement… I am not asking you to forgive me for the blocking, but I thought i would try and explain why. I have no grudge against your group or it’s members and respect your views and comment unless they are personal attacks on myself, friends or my family.

      1. It’s water under the bridge dude.

        Two countries separated by a common language.

      2. You might be a nice guy but ideas are extremely important and extremely bad ideas are extremely dangerous and destructive. Disarming normal peaceful people is about the worst idea that anyone ever had. It makes the normal peaceful people helpless and puts a unnecessary burden on them and annoys them and is inconvenient whilst at the same time it does less than nothing about criminal use of tools and devices. The truth is that disarming normal peaceful people helps the criminals, it does not hinder them. So, why do it? The only explanation is that you and others have been brainwashed to advance the cause of the criminals, which is not so strange to imagine because big government benefits from an increase in criminality.

  7. VaqueroJustice says:

    But it’s a sharp stick ! This deadly weapon took effort, time, and knowledge
    to craft ! Is it time to run in little circles and scream yet ?

  8. janitor says:

    ah the sharp/pointy edge. one of man’s oldest inventions. might as well try to capitalize off your thumbinthebottom antiknife campaign like old watts did. you will never stop the criminals from using pointing things. might as well make some cash while you are wasting your time.

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Incendiary Image of the Day: British Hoplophobia jumps the shark.

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