Incendiary Image of the Day: Sense of Achievement Edition


According to, this is one of the products of a combination seance, encounter group session and “interactive workshop with residents of the charity Trident Reach in Wednesbury…. The main objective for the workshop was to develop a poster campaign that would change peoples perception of knife crime, and making people aware of how lives are affected by carrying a weapon.” These feel-good exercises are nice and give everyone involved a wonderful sense of having “done something” . . .

Does anyone – in the West Midlands or anywhere else – really think seeing a poster like this will convince one local thug or gang member to leave his blade at home? But wait. Something positive came out of this after all. Andy Person from the Trident Reach charity proclaims that

The young people have really taken away a sense of achievement and we are hoping to do many more activities like this in the future, and now much more aware of the dangers of carrying a knife.

Translation: it was mostly mental masturbation funded by tax dollar grants. But you probably knew that.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    Hell, I’d take that as an advisory to “go armed or stay home.”

    “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this.”

  2. Derek says:

    “Does anyone… really think seeing a poster like this will convince one local thug or gang member to leave his blade at home?”

    Forget the thugs, how could anyone respond positively to this? This poster is, essentially, insinuating that by simply carrying a knife one is contributing to crime. By simply carrying a pocketknife, I am partly responsible for all those homicides. Who in their right mind wouldn’t be offended by that?

    I remember before I had heard about the “anti knife” shite in the U.K. that I, and others, would joke that when the grabbers were done with guns they’d eventually want to ban knives. It was funny because it sounded so ludicrous…

  3. Aharon says:


    The only fools that I imagine might be persuaded by this message would be those who are politically-correct, naive, supporters of a police-nanny state, and haven’t (yet) been victimized by street thugs.

  4. Mark N. says:

    Wait, is this true, 60,000 in one year? Yet Piers Morgan has the gall to condemn America for its “gun violence”? When are people going to figure out that taking away the weapons still leaves the violence? It’s not “gun” violence or “knife” violence, it is just plain old human violence.

    1. Ken Hagler says:

      Consider the source. It’s entirely possible that 59,999 people died of drowning in bathtubs, falling off ladders, being hit by cars, etc., and one person tripped and fell on a knife.

      That said, whenever I hear about this kind of propaganda I picture a bunch of nearly-starved Englishmen trying to eat by hitting a cow over the head with a rock and then gnawing on its sides because they have no other legal way to eat…

  5. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    What we’re seeing is evolution in reverse. Would that be devolution?
    We started with rocks and sticks; we attached sharp rocks to the stick
    and made knives; then we made knives and swords out of metal, and
    then we finally got around to inventing guns. The Brits are somewhere
    between metal knives and a flake of flint attached to a stick. Evolved?
    It’s all so horribly tragic…so why is it, I feel like laughing?

  6. Bob says:

    Shouldn’t it read “60,000 Lives lost in one year. Don’t kill people”

  7. Aharon says:

    60,ooo lives lost because of:

    Changing social values and morals
    Diversity and immigration
    Breakdown of the traditional family unit
    Failed economic policies

  8. racer88 says:

    60,000??? A dubious stat, if there ever was one.

    1. Ken Hagler says:

      Agreed. It’s either an outright lie or a trick based on their not saying what those lives were lost to, or where. For all we know they full version of that is “60,000 lives lost in one year to liver poisoning in the former Soviet Union.”

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Incendiary Image of the Day: Sense of Achievement Edition

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