Incendiary Image of the the Day: Sharpen This! Edition

ACE OF SHAVES Stroppy Alex Karpenko has told cosmetics giants to shove their big bills for fancy razors – after teaching himself to shave with a spade. The 35-year-old English teacher – from Nizhny Novgrod, Russia – learned how to shave with everyday objects from his World War II veteran grandfather. “Razors are an expensive, unnecessary luxury. He told me that during the war he used to shave using anything. I was so impressed I decided to do the same,” said Alex “I must say though, when my wife first saw me standing in the bathroom with an axe to my throat she was pretty horrified. “So I decided to hang up the axe and use a sharpened shovel instead – I think it’s probably a bit safer,” he added.

“If he niks his carotid, they can bury him with it”.

While it might not be as impressive as turning a shovel into an AK, Alex Karpenko, a 35 year old Russian schoolteacher carries on his grandfather’s tradition of eschewing production razors in favor of a more DIY approach. Of course his grandfather did this out of necessity as a soldier in WWII, but hey…to each their own.


I learned the hard way that axes do not belong in close proximity to one’s face.

You can read more about Alex’s strange shaving regimen in the Austrian Times. I learned the hard way that it is a bad thing when axes and faces collide.

(h/t to reader Sam)


  1. sean says:

    thats gnarly!!

  2. GC says:

    I’m guessing this isn’t the kind of thing that’s done after stumbling into the shower while still bleary eyed on a morning.

  3. SigGuy says:

    Shaving with an axe, now that’s almost as rugged as not shaving at all! Reminds me of a guy I saw one time shaving with a straight razor, while riding in a car that was on the interstate.

  4. Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    It’s all about the edge on the instrument. Most people cannot sharpen a knife to the keen edge necessary to allow one to successfully shave with it.

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Incendiary Image of the the Day: Sharpen This! Edition

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