Incendiary Valentine’s Day Image: “Dear Woody…”

Image courtesy NY Daily News

If your S.O. hasn’t already reminded you, today is Valentine’s Day. There are so many chocolate S.A.K.s and adorable pink pocketknives out there that I’m not going to bother posting any more photos of them. I’m going a little darker this time, with this a photo of one of the more notorious Valentine’s Day cards, and knives, ever delivered.

The year: 1992. The recipient? Woody Allen. The sender? Mia Farrow.

I think you know where this is going.

Farrow and Allen had been lovers for ages, but Farrow had just discovered his affair with her adopted daughter Soon-Yi. Hell hath no fury like a woman whose barely-legal adopted daughter is getting Rogered by her longtime boyfriend, and Allen told 60 Minutes that she handed him this chillingly-composed Valentine’s Day card as revenge.

Each family member has a pin stuck through them in the photo, and the photo of Farrow has a steak knife thrust through its heart. And (let’s not leave out the lurid details) the steak knife has a photo of Soon-Yi wrapped around the handle.

If a Valentine’s Day card like this were delivered today, the sender would likely find themselves charged with some flavor of domestic violence stalking, harassment, or intimidation. Unless the sender were one-time Hollywood royalty like Mia Farrow, of course. There’s one rule for us, and another entirely different rule for ‘them.’

Source: NY Daily News.


  1. David says:

    Karma is a . . .

    Mia slept w/ Andre’ Previn who was married to another woman at the time. There is a very good chance her son Dylan was conceived by Frank Sinatra (her ex-husband) while she was w/ Woody. It that is the case she is not only a hoe but a criminal as she would have perjured herself during court proceedings.

    And what of Soon-Yi . . . Young when she did what she did but just as guilty as Woody & Mia.

    The truth is all 3 are slime. People want to defend Woody against Mia, Mia against Woody but neither has the moral authority cast a nasty glance at Stalin’s corpse.

    1. Dyspeptic says:

      Dude, you nailed this one. Nothing about any of these self indulgent degenerates is worth defending. Like a lot of “celebrities” they kind of have a license to be psychotic.

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Incendiary Valentine’s Day Image: “Dear Woody…”

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