InfoGraphic: The design and history of the Opinel knife.

The following infographic is from the site MentalFloss, which is a great place to timewaste. I obviously thought that you all would be interested in seeing it. Chris’s review of the Opinel No. 8 “Carbone” is our 8th most popular post with over 27k views all time. Almost two years after it was published, it sits in the second spot on Google (behind our friends at More Than Just Surviving) if you simply search “Opinel Review”.


click on the image for a sharper, zoomable version.

The knife is a classic, the absence of which is a glaring hole in my collection. I just remedied this however. A #6 and #8 are on their way to me from Amazon.


  1. cmeat says:

    heaven: british police, german mechanics, french chefs.
    hell: british chefs, german police, french mechanics.

  2. Sam L. says:

    I bought one a bit before that review, and I commented on it twice. It’s a simple, attractive, and most-importantly a SHARP knife.

  3. Thanks for the shoutout guys, nothing but love for TTAK, one of our favourite knife blogs for sure.

  4. okto says:

    Cmeat, you’ve obviously never used one. It only has five parts, the blade is super stupid idiot sharp and can be returned to that condition with the bottom edge of a coffee mug, and it’s real comfy in the hand.

    That adage is about mechanical stuff like cars; a knife is not a mechanism.

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InfoGraphic: The design and history of the Opinel knife.

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