Video: Introducing kids to kitchen knives


There is even a “Chopped Junior” on Food Network for older and more advanced children

The short video (below the jump) is nothing groundbreaking, it is just a local news segment. That said, we always like to highlight pieces from mass-media that are supportive of kids and knives. The best example of this came from the bastion of liberalism that is NPR. Apparently, as is the case in the video below, the desire to get kids to eat more vegetables trumps the “knives are icky and can hurt people” impulse that most in the media have such a hard time controlling.

It has been well documented that kids eat more veggies when they take ownership of their preparation. This is on top of the fine motor skill and coordination that knife use teaches. It also doesn’t take into account the irreplaceable benefit children derive from personal, hands-on instruction from a parent, teacher, or other loved one.

Apparently Patricia’s Table does cooking classes for kids and adults, hence the local news feature from Austin, TX. Her website times out though when you try to go there. Whatever. Still a solid strategy for introducing kids to different levels of knife. Peelers for 3 year olds, plastic knives until a kid is ready for a sharp paring knife, and then choosing the appropriate knife with regards to size and handle. I did the peeler thing with my kids, though I skipped the plastic knives, opting for table knives at first, then a small food prep knife. My 7 year old may soon get to use a small chef’s if I can find the right one.


  1. cmeat says:

    oxo softworks pro 4″ mini santoku. this was a find at marshall’s that i go to more than any other in the kitchen.
    until i can buy a real one.

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Video: Introducing kids to kitchen knives

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