Irresponsible Cleaver Owner Of The Day: Robert Fogarty

Image courtesy Wikipedia‘Stop The World! I Want To Get Off!’ may have been an escapist slogan of the 1970s, but  Robert Fogarty only wanted to get off the bus. He had drunkenly boarded one on the night of January 27th in County Dublin, Ireland, and maybe he just really needed to pee. According to the Garda Siochana (above), the intoxicated Fogarty asked the bus driver to stop at a ‘non-stop’ location, but he didn’t like the driver’s answer.

According to the Independent, the unemployed Fogarty pulled a meat cleaver out of his backpack and tried to chop his way through the driver’s plexiglass enclosure. The entire rampage was allegedly captured on the bus CCTV. Fogarty was arrested by the Gardai (Irish police) before any medical mayhem was committed, and he was charged with ‘Carrying A Meat Cleaver As A Weapon.’

Despite trying to go Butcher Pete on the driver, Fogarty was amazingly granted bail by the judge. Fogarty then missed his court appearance on March 4th, reportedly because he is in a residential treatment program. It’s not known if the magistrate issued an arrest warrant for him or not.

Looking at the bizarreness of this case, I’m struck by the leniency that the Irish courts have shown this clearly unstable person. In my neck of the woods, Fogarty would have been charged with aggravated assault at a bare minimum, and would almost certainly have been held without bail pending the results of a psychological evaluation. If he had made bail and skipped court, the sheriff would be sending a tooled-up SWAT team to apprehend him as we speak.



  1. jwm says:

    Crack down on a drunken Irishman? Ain’t being drunk the national sport of Ireland?

    1. billdeserthills says:

      Aye Laddie,
      What respectable judge would sentence a happy drunken Irishman? Twould
      be like putting his own Dad in jail, it would.

    2. Duncan Idaho says:

      Well, if they hadn’t invented whiskey, the Irish would probably rule the world by now.

  2. chuck k says:

    Having worked around my share of Irishmen, their reputation for drinking AND being hotheaded and willing to fight at the drop of a hat is well deserved.

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Irresponsible Cleaver Owner Of The Day: Robert Fogarty

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