Irresponsible Knife Owner Of The Day: Anyone Who Buys This Shit

Who The Fuck Buys This Shit?

I loathe Nazism. All that it stood for, and all that it accomplished during its brief putrescent flowering, were incontrovertibly evil. My grandfather was the sole survivor when his entire 10th Mountain Division platoon was ambushed by German holdouts in the Italian Campaign. My grandmother’s doting older brother rests in a Philippine military cemetery, an ocean away from his family’s North Dakota burial plot.

When I think of them, and of friends’ grandparents murdered by the Nazis without the dignity of being able to fight back, it makes me want to puke to see Nazi fetish gear like this. Who buys this shit?

Actual WWII relics like old Mauser 98Ks have a historical value that outweighs the slight case of the creeps you might get if you wonder whetherthey were used in the extermination camps. But most were not, just as most Germans were not ideological Nazis. Almost every able-bodied German male born between 1895 and 1932 was caught up in the Nazi war machine, regardless of their personal beliefs.

But this isn’t a milsurp WWII rifle or bayonet. It’s got no historical value, and it’s not even a replica of anything with historical value. It depresses me that garbage like this is even made.


  1. M Robertson says:

    ‘Fetish’ is the perfect term to apply to this kind of gear.

  2. Zach says:

    At first glance I thought the knife looked cool….then I saw the swastica.

  3. Wassim Absood says:

    It serves a useful purpose; ownership is an indicator that I can safely write-off your opinion on anything.

  4. Aharon says:

    The only thing I “like” about this garbage symbol is that it is an alert about the mindset of the owner: either the owner is a potentially dangerous white supremacist or a guy who feels wimpy, angry, and emasculated on the inside and is a wanna-be strong white warrior and still needs to be carefully watched. I suspect that as whites Americans become an increasingly smaller percentage of the American population and as people from other groups gain more ground politically and financially we will probably see more and more angry scared white people join such a fascist group. Note that I did not write ‘right wing group’ as the Nazis are at their core national socialists.

    Ironically, the swastika is an ancient Hindu symbol the Nazis copied and altered. According to wikipedia; the swastika is “primarily as a tantric symbol to evoke shakti or the sacred symbol of auspiciousness.”

  5. Bob says:

    The swastika was and is used by many Native American tribes as the symbol of the sun, the four directions, and the four seasons. It has been found in artifacts of the Mississipian Mound Builders dating back thousands of years.

    I have been known to post the symbol at work, just to annoy the round-eyes.

    1. Matt in FL says:

      While you are historically correct, a black swastika at a 45 degree offset in a white circle on a red background is undeniably a Nazi symbol, not a Native American or Indian one, and anyone who argues otherwise is full of crap.

      1. JoshuaS says:

        Exactly. Something coming out of India, with just a swastika and not the red flag, that I would chalk up to pre-Nazi use (they still have the Red Swastika rather than Red Cross in India). Touring a Church built before the 1930’s and there are Swastikas? Just a version of the cross, used for centuries. US military insignia pre-WWII with Swastikas? Okey dokey. I understand the Finnish still use Swastikas in the some military logos/insignias, pre-dating WWII and they didn’t drop it.

        But it is undeniable what that symbol means in most Western countries nowadays. Maybe, just maybe some use of a swastika in American Indian art could be fine, but red flag, the direction and tilt? Clearly meant as Nazi, just as are most uses of a swastika by people in Western countries.

        Then again, there are idiots. Closest time I had to having to defend myself was being approached by two hoodlums that had already robbed another person, and had also graffitied in the same locale. One was hispanic, the other black. Hispanic guy jumped a wall after the cops showed, but the black guy was nabbed (I lucked out as they approached me the cops came rushing in the parking lot…staying in the same place you just attacked someone else, two blocks from the police station is idiotic enough). But I noticed the graffitti they painted….swastikas. Yep. Black dude spray painting Nazi symbols….some people just don’t get it. (On the plus side, the incident led me to buy some mace and a SOG Trident, since I cannot get a CCW yet)

  6. BLAMMO says:

    I wouldn’t give you a dime for a piece of authentic, original Nazi “memorabilia”, no matter what it’s worth or however rare. But I would never suggest it be disposed of or destroyed. It’s a piece of history, no matter how offensive or distastefully symbolic. Destroying it, eradicating it would be akin to book-burning. I just want no part of it. And I don’t think much of those who do.

    But when I go to a gun or knife show and I see a table of Nazi pukes selling obvious reproductions of arm bands and flags, I want to turn it over. Fortunately, that type of thing rarely goes on at shows any more. I haven’t seen it in years.

    1. Chris Dumm says:

      Amen. I’ve noticed many fewer Hitlerjugend tables at gun shows in the last five years or so. Twenty years ago that crap was all over the place.

  7. Sock Monkey says:

    I like to think it’s a trap for Nazi wannabes. Being less than cerebral, the owner is sure to close the blade on his fingers, while they are trapped inside the knuckle-duster rings.

  8. D says:

    It’s kind of sad that the Nazis chose this symbol to put people at ease and then went on to genocide.

  9. Hanover Fist says:

    Illinois Nazis are the worst.

    I hate Illinois Nazis.

  10. Your mum says:

    Who cares fuck you americans and nigger dogs ill buy one to stab your kids

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Irresponsible Knife Owner Of The Day: Anyone Who Buys This Shit

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