Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: This is why we can’t have nice (pointy) things

map_of_henderson_kyHere at TTAK, we go out of our way to name and shame the hoplophobic school administrators or city officials who clutch their pearls and get weak kneed at the thought that their students can be trusted with pointy tools.  We believe that carrying of a pocketknife is a fundamental right of passage and symbol of responsibility for children, and that a student should never be disciplined for the simple possession of a tool. Others disagree and believe the very notion of a pocketknife is anachronistic.

However there are those who act irresponsibly, and while it is our contention that if a person is going to break the social contract it matters not what tool they chose to use, the fact that their tool of choice was a knife hurts our cause. A 14 year old student in Henderson, KY chose to threaten a female classmate with a balisong.


“This morning around 7:30 at East Heights Elementary, Henderson Police report a 14 year old male student and a 12 year old female student were waiting to catch buses to Central Learning Center and North Middle School when some words were exchanged and the teenage boy pulled out a butterfly knife, put it close the girl’s face, and then made a threatening statement.

Police indicate that when the 14 year old boy was confronted by the East Heights Elementary School principal he left and went home…

According to authorities, later on the teenage boy was taken to school at Central Learning Center by a parent. Once at school, police say two more knives were found on him.

The student has been charged by police with Unlawful Possession of a Weapon on School Property and Terroristic Threatening 2nd Degree.

The former should not be a chargeable offense when it comes to most knives (balisongs might be pushing it admittedly), however the latter act of threatening a classmate and brandishing any weapon- be it a knife or a school-provided aluminm bat in gym class should in all cases be punished severely. A child who is making armed threats will eventually gradate to even worse offenses. Coddling deviant behavior is asking for worse behavior in the future.


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Irresponsible Knife Owner of the Day: This is why we can’t have nice (pointy) things

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