Irresponsible Knife Use of the Day: English-speaking ISIS-child decapitates prisoner


An English-speaking child of about 10 years old is seen beheading a prisoner in the latest ISIS video

ISIS videos haven’t made the news much lately, but the worlds most dangerous livestock-fornicators are still misusing knives. One video in particular is drawing attention because the executioner is a young boy of about 10 years old who addresses the camera in English.


A new Islamic State (Isis) video has shown a baby-faced boy beheading a man and warning the United States it will be “destroyed”. The victim of the child killer has been named as Muhammad Tabsho, a religious official said to be from Syrian rebel group the Levant Front.

The clip, which surfaced on 4 February, shows an alleged confession of Tabsho before he is dragged by the English-speaking boy to kneel down in an empty dirt road. The child, who looks about 10-years-old, then sends a chilling message to the US government, saying: “Oh America, these are the soldiers you arm and you spend money on. We will destroy them.”

He also challenges the US to put troops on the ground in Syria, adding: “I wish to meet you on the hills of Dabiq”.He carries out his gruesome execution by beheading his victim with a knife. As in previous Daesh (IS) execution videos, the victim’s decapitated head is then placed on his back.

Although the child speaks English, his nationality has not yet been confirmed.

The execution reportedly took place in the Aleppo province of Syria and the man beheaded was named by Site Intel as “religious jurist” Tabsho. Tabsho was said to be an official for the Levant Front, a coalition of rebel groups in Syria fighting both Isis and the Assad regime.”

I am not going to lose much sleep over this one. In fact I am not losing much sleep over the war on ISIS in the Middle East. I am however quite concerned that Western Governments are not taking the infiltration threat seriously enough in the face of the Islamist colonization that continues unabated.

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Irresponsible Knife Use of the Day: English-speaking ISIS-child decapitates prisoner

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