Irresponsible Knife Use of the day: Kitchen Nightmare participant Samy Bouzaglo


The video above shows former Kitchen Nightmares participants Samy and Amy Bouzaglo confronting an allegedly “drunken” patron of their establishment.

From TMZ:

“Amy’s Baking Company founder Samy Bouzaglo — who appeared on “Kitchen Nightmares” — attacked someone with a knife outside his restaurant Saturday … and the footage is CRAZY!

The person who shot the video says a drunk guy was eating at the Scottsdale restaurant when Samy’s wife Amy Bouzaglo became enraged and ordered him to leave — and he did.

But Samy wasn’t done with him. The video shows him outside — waving a knife  — going after the guy. You hear him scream to his wife, “Let me!”

Samy eventually backed off, the guy left.

We called the Bouzaglo’s … and they INSIST Samy was holding a pen — not a knife.

While I have seen the occasional episode of the show, I missed these folks and their apparently legendary tempers. YouTube chanel iOTrendz (whose personality apparently has a history with the couple) explains more in the video below the jump.

Yikes. From what I gather these folks were exceptional even in relation to other people featured on the show. I don’t think I will be dropping by Amy’s Baking Company any time soon. The complete episode is on YouTube if you want to watch. It is a complete pirate and thus I won’t link it here. These people seem like pieces of work.


  1. Sam L. says:

    I suppose it could be a steel for realigning a knife’s edge, but there’s no way for me to tell. Could make a nasty puncture wound, break or crack a rib, leave a bad bruise.

  2. ff says:

    The old man needs to be arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon for brandishing the threat of deadly force. The situation failed to even warrant simple force in self defense. There was no self defense threat at all.

    The “drunk” guy could have used deadly force in self defense legally against the old man’s illegal threat of deadly force.

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Irresponsible Knife Use of the day: Kitchen Nightmare participant Samy Bouzaglo

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