Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: Lithuania Hasn’t Talent Edition

Throwing knives is not easy, though experts do make it look so. This flamboyant contestant on some version of a Lithuanian talent program can’t even claim to have stayed at a Holiday Inn. Frankly, he sucks. Aside from drawing blood on at least one occasion (1:17), he almost puts a knife through his assistant’s head for the finale. The watermelon he was aiming at was unscathed.

I have played with throwing knives, and even reviewed a pair of MTech Xtreme Tactical Throwers. But I would never do something like this. Even 20 years from now. It has been drilled into me from too early an age to ever consider pointing the business end of any tool at anyone or anything I am unwilling and unprepared to destroy. I don’t care how much practice, or how much of an expert I may consider myself.

For those of you who made the jump, there is this one too from the UK’s Got Talent. The look of absolute horror on “Muskets” Morgan when the guy hits his daughter with a knife is priceless. Simon Cowell’s tongue-lashing (in delightful English fashion) is pretty entertaining as well.

(h/t Deadspin)


  1. Sean says:

    hahah yeah these people are dumb. funny to watch, but they lack good judgement, and obviously good aim as well.

  2. harold j says:

    the truth about knife throwing finally revealed

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Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: Lithuania Hasn’t Talent Edition

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