Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: This waste of life…

I don’t care what your particular beef is, there is no excuse to riot and loot. It plays right into the hands of the Statists. Reason says it best:

“This kind of violence is always wrong, even when it arises out of legitimate concerns about police brutality. That the criminal justice system is barbaric and in desperate need of reform is not an excuse to set cars on fire, or rob convenience stores, or throw rocks at anyone: cop, civilian, or bystander. Violence is violence, and it’s wrong. That’s a foundational principle of libertarianism, for one thing.

For another, looting and rioting do not inspire support for police reform. Rather, such violence provides law enforcement and its supporters the exact justification they need to escalate their efforts.”

The Freddie Gray death-in-custody begs countless, real and important questions. It sounds like the same systemic problems infecting police forces and the justice system nationwide are rampant in Baltimore. The fact that the only “crime” he was guilty of was carrying an “illegal” knife led to his death is illustrative of just how out of control things have gotten.

I have a problem with the Baltimore Police Department as an institution. That doesn’t mean that I am not praying for the safety of the individual cops manning the line between civilization and the animals. The problem lies farther up the chain of command, starting with a mayor who wants to “allow space for those who wish to destroy“.

What is even more astounding is that some douche-canoe actually stabbed a firehose. Firefighters, whose sole job it is to protect the lives and property of the citizenry, were put at risk. As someone who has worn the gear, I can imagine the feeling the firefighters must have experienced when their hose began to lose pressure. I have been hit in the helmet by a beer bottle when putting out a pile of fireworks, but it was a bunch of drunken losers, not a mob in the throws of a riot. If the mayor does not allow the police to get control of the situation, I do not blame anyone for refusing to rush out in front of the lines unsupported.

Firefighters have already been physically attacked.

How is that Hopey-Changy thing working out for you?


  1. cmeat says:

    just once i’d like to see the bull grabbed by the horns. get inside, kids. this falls under the heading “if i ran the circus” and “it” would not be pretty.

    1. What chafes me is Freddie Gray’s death is, unlike Michael Brown’s, a legitimate cause for outrage. We have been critical of the police from the time the story broke.

      But the situation is such a clusterfuck now that average folks lose all sympathy for the issue at hand. The more this goes on, the more I find myself willing to look away while order is restored.

  2. jans says:

    After thinking about the mayor’s quote and here subsequent remarks, it’s clear to me that she meant making room to ensure the protesters’ safety also enabled the rioters, and not that she was trying to enable them.
    I have relatives who are firefighters. Their response is to the violence and vandalism against them is, “Let it burn!”
    Likely there will be another spike in gun sales, and let’s hope a review of stupid knife laws as well.

  3. cmeat…your comment led me to thinking and was the catalyst for my most recent post.

    1. cmeat says:

      tread lightly where you find me inspirational. and be careful not to get yourself banned from your own site (clusterf*; glad to see the passion).

  4. I have two thoughts on the subject…First is that police should all have body cams, car cams, helmet cams etc. Second is that those cams should be live streamed via the internet and should be public property(sort of like their radios are, since anyone can listen with a police scanner). This would allow people to have have all sorts of different angles of an incident, and immediately resolve any issues of good/bad behavior.

    In regards to the protesting, watching the videos online, it looks like a third world country, and people wonder why pro 2A people say anything can happen at any time.

    1. Sam L. says:

      I doubt that would pacify/slow down the professionally permanently aggrieved. However, at least Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson haven’t joined in.

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Irresponsible Knife User of the Day: This waste of life…

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