Irresponsible Object of Desire? : “Knife Game” Steak Knife Set


Yet another humorous take on a knife block.

Kitschy knife blocks have been the rage for that last several years. In fact, our post about the Spartan Warrior Knife Block was the subject of a 12k view Instalanche, anchoring our best day ever. I found this one at the site, and it is even more macabre than most. You are likely familiar with the “Knife Game” which has lead to some wonderful YouTube fails (153k of them). This block is pleasingly twisted.

I just spent the last 15 minutes trying to track down a site that actually has it in stock but for naught. Sorry. But since I am more or less committed to this post and I have 3 more Twitter #BeerDefender entries to share, I am  going to go ahead and go with it.

In addition to the Tweets, remember you can submit a Limerick or Haiku entry on yesterday’s comment thread for a shot at some runner up prizes, including the Empire Outfitter’s T-shirt. We are adding more prizes, Dan brought back a bunch of swag from the SHOT show.


More swag for our contest.


There are a couple of folders, one import with wood scales embossed with the Benelli logo, another smaller but nicer USA made Utica. There is also a SOG morale patch, a Kershaw bottle opener, a compact knife sharpener, and a really neat little Spyderco hat pin. Plus there are still some more stickers left. Most people should end up with something, though the Beer Defender itself will only be given to the winning Twitter entry.





Thank you for participating. This has been fun. I especially have loved the poetry.  Keep it all coming. HCA

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Irresponsible Object of Desire? : “Knife Game” Steak Knife Set

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