Irresponsible Scissor-use of the day: Fired caricature-artist stabs manager; charged with attempted murder


Frederick Torres has been charged with attempted murder for the New Year’s Day stabbing.

The day after Frederick Torres was fired from his job at Universal Studios Islands of Adventure, he returned to stab his manager with a pair of scissors.

From Newsweek:

Frederick Torres, 33, was an employee of the Orlando-based caricature firm Fasen Artists Inc., which provides artists to Universal’s parks, as well as other theme parks and casinos. The general manager of the firm, Anthony Fasen, told detectives that he fired Torres on New Year’s Eve, and maintained his decision when Torres called the next day. Torres responded, according to the police report obtained by the AP, that he was going to kill his direct manager and the firm’s “number one artist,” Glenn Ferguson.

“Fasen advised specifically that Torres had said, ‘I’m going to slit Glenn’s throat’ and ‘I’m going to kill your number one artist,’” the police report said, according to the AP.

“Torres allegedly arrived at the Islands of Adventure park minutes later, at around 9 a.m. that morning, in pursuit of Ferguson, the Orlando Sentinel reports. Witnesses told detectives that the suspect chased Ferguson around the park, and though two security guards arrived at the scene in the Toon Lagoon area, he was able to strike Ferguson multiple times with a pair of green scissors.

Ferguson sustained multiple stab wounds in the attack, including one to the neck, which cut an artery and caused brain leakage, according to the police report. The 42-year-old was rushed to a local hospital on Friday and underwent emergency surgery, the Sentinel reports.”

I am guessing the scissors were grabbed inside the park, due to security at the entrance. Even if Torres hadn’t been able to get ahold of the scissors, the list of weapons one can make from items at an airport gift-shop leaves pales in comparison to what is available inside a semi-secure area such as an amusement park.

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Irresponsible Scissor-use of the day: Fired caricature-artist stabs manager; charged with attempted murder

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