Irresponsible table-leg user of the day: IKEA take note…

Mitchell Moore used a table leg to put an acquaintance on a ventilator and in Intensive Care.

In my  “IKEA Murders Update 2” post I suggested, somewhat in jest, that IKEA ought to remove vases and other housewares from their shelves as they can injure or kill someone every bit as effectively as the knives that were removed following the murder of two shoppers by Eritrean refugees.

Either Dan or Robert shared my post last night on the TTAG Facebook page, where it generated scores of comments. Many commenters highlighted an obvious weaponizable item I missed that one would find at an IKEA store, namely a lowly table leg.

On a lark, I Googled “beaten with table leg” just to see what I might find. Little did I know that my search would return 472k results, several within the past few months.

In one of the more recent incidents, California resident Mitchell Moore had been drinking with a couple of acquaintances for the better part of the day. Something triggered an altercation between Moore and one of the other men, leading to Moore’s beating the man with a table leg. The 53 year old victim needed ICU treatment and was placed on a ventilator.

From The Oakland Press:

“All three of the men had been together that day and spent the day drinking,” said Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson. “The owner at one point decided to take a nap but was woken up when he heard a lot of commotion,”

The owner came out of his room and went to a stairway that leads to the second floor where the suspect stays, police said.

Stumbling down the stairs and bleeding, the beaten man’s face was already swelling up when the owner saw him, Wilson said.

“The victim was being followed by the suspect, who was holding a wooden leg from a table he apparently had been working on recently,” he said.

Police arrived and said the Hazel Park man was unresponsive to questions and quickly taken to the hospital.

Officers followed a blood trail to the suspect’s apartment on the second floor and found him washing his hands in the bathroom, Wilson said.

“The suspect did not say what happened and was arrested,” he said.

Police said they interviewed Moore briefly Monday morning and he told them he had no recollection of what happened.

Police were unable to interview the Hazel Park man because of his condition.

“The victim is in bad shape,” Wilson said. “I think what happened is guys who are normally friends got drunked up and had a fight.”

We have said it before in many contexts and in many ways, but it matters not the tool in question. What matters is the temperament of the individual holding and using that tool.

Banning guns does not prevent knife violence (or gun violence for that matter). Banning knives will not prevent blunt objects from being used as weapons. Banning blunt objects…OK you get the futility of prohibition as a means of preventing violence.

IKEA might want to take notes.


  1. Mike L.. says:

    Guess that the IKEA folks never watched “2001 A Space Odessy” or read that part of the Holy Bible where a jawbone of an ass plays a prominent role.

  2. Spencer says:

    We live in an age where no one is accountable for his criminal acts and bad choices. Instead, we blame people’s terrible conduct on inanimate objects because by doing so no one is offended.

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Irresponsible table-leg user of the day: IKEA take note…

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