ISAK Blue: Israeli Folding Combat Knife

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The ISAK ‘Blue’ folding combat knife has a distinctive look, far different from most U.S. market ‘tactical folders.’ American knife guys seldom go for oversized pommels and forward-angled blades, but the Blue’s look signals its design heritage and its intended use. It was designed with, and is carried by Israeli SWAT units.

I tend to take these kinds of ‘combat’ demonstrations with a grain of salt, because an expert in military-level Krev Maga can make any weapon look incredibly effective and lethal. (And that’s because just about any weapon becomes incredibly effective and lethal in their hands.)

YouTube videos may not prove anything, but I take Israeli military endorsement at full face value, because the IDF only carries top-quality kit. Steelophiles might be unimpressed with a 440C knife that costs a full Benjamin, but this $100 knife made the grade with one of the world’s most experienced militaries.

And it just looks like a beast. It’s nearly six inches long when closed, and the 4.7 inch blade is a hair shy of a quarter-inch thick. At eleven ounces, you’d better put on a rigger’s belt before you slip this in your (very large) pocket.

The ‘Blue’ is way too big for anything resembling EDC use, so ISAK also sells a downsized 3.5 inch ‘Red’ model for $85.



  1. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Probably more knife than most need, or are capable of using, as designed.
    One thing is sure, Israel doesn’t use or issue equipment that doesn’t work.
    If it passed their tests, it will likely pass any tests you can come up with.

  2. Daniel says:

    They stole the cold steel narrator.

  3. Mark Davis says:

    Wait, I’m confused…. If they want a super strong, 11 ounce knife for military applications why not go with a fixed blade?

  4. NavyRetGold says:

    This looks like a fairly badass knife to me. The Isrealis damn sure would not use or endorse it if it was not badass. Agree that 440C is not that impressive in a 1/8″ American/Chinese blade, however 1/4″ 440C is at least adequately impressive, if not truly badass. $100 is not out of line for a knife this size if it is quality construction. They do also have a fixed blade model. I note that their web page processes order payments through Paypal, and I despise Paypal.

  5. Shiv says:

    I am currently visiting Israel and I want to purchase the isak knife. It is not available in shops. Would it be possible for you to sell it to me directly?? Please let me know. I can be reached at following number 0547892085. Thanking you for your time.

  6. Stan Hollins says:

    All available details and literature concerning Isreli made pocket knife, price, availability and ordering instructions

  7. Roels Chris says:

    I have a isak blue. It dus not remain rasersharp even when you cut pinewood. Just by falling on concrete from 1m high the point broke off, largely 1 cm. No, this is defenitly not a good knife. I have a dustar knife and this is much better.

  8. T. says:

    I also own an ISAK Blue.
    As an experienced fighter i miss the ability to quickly go from overhand to underhand position, due to the design of the handle, i do have with a Fairbairn-Sykes dagger, or even a Victorinox meatcutter.
    i do like the “glass breaker” aka skullcrusher tip at the pommel.
    To be honest.
    I wonder why the IDF chose this design, for it has some flaws, compared to other knives.

    1. Benjamin says:

      The IDF did not choose these knives, each soldier has to buy his/her own knife and reservists only make $200 USD a month, so only blade they can get within regulations. ISAK knives are used by YAMAM, Israeli ‘SWAT’

  9. Benjamin says:

    I have the ISAK Red and the ISAK Black fixed blade, and I love them. I’m just an enthusiast so I don’t use them like other people do, but in my opinion these are well designed. The Red is made in China and the Black is made in Israel. The Black is very heavy, like two or three times the weight of a Glock knife.

  10. Maria Mockova says:

    Hi Guys,
    please, I am looking for this type of knife. My father was 35 years the chief of the criminal department in Slovakia. I am happy if I can get a present for him. Is it possible to buy it (anywhere)? Thank you for your help.
    My contact

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ISAK Blue: Israeli Folding Combat Knife

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