ISIS Executioner lived by the sword, dies by the knife

Abu Sayyaf, ISIS Executioner and Ambassador of the Religion of Peace

In what I am dubbing the “Feel Good Story of the Day”: ISIS executioner and group leader Abu Sayyaf has assumed room temperature in the most appropriate way possible – he was stabbed to death in an ambush.

From DailyMailUK:

Abu Sayyaf, translated to mean ‘father of swordsmith’, is also the name for an ISIS branch in the Philippines synonymous with beheadings and kidnappings.

The executioner, who died in the al-Dasawa region in the western side of the city of Nineveh, was renowned for collecting the heads of his victims and dumping them in the same infamous hole in the region of al-Khasafa.

Muhammad Yawar, an Iraqi journalist, told ARA News: ‘Abu Sayyaf was one of the scariest executioners in Nineveh. He was known for his huge body and heavy arms. He was one of the renowned faces in the ISIS propaganda videos.

There are varying reports of how he came to his death, with some news outlets stating he was shot by gunmen, but according to Iraqi News, security source told Alsumaria News: ‘An unknown armed group killed on Sunday the Islamic State’s most famous decapitator, the so-nicknamed Abu Sayyaf.

‘The armed group ambushed him at al-Dawasa region, in the western side of the city, and stabbed him several times.

‘He died immediately.’

That is unfortunate. It would be better had he died cowering in pain and fear like his victims. But we’ll take it.


  1. Daniel says:

    Now on for more of the clowns. Can I have one. Tied to tree and put honey on his privates then turn red ants loose on him while being shot with high pressure 50 cal air gun. Or better yet my tiny .17 cal mach2 savage with 4 power leupold. Start with feet and work my way up.

    That sounds sadistic but what have they done. But I suppose I would not do all that. Would not want to lower myself to his scum level. Was a good bad thought though.

    Praise The Lord from whom all blessings flow then let HIM have his righteous vengeance in the end.


    1. Joshua Pruden says:

      How exactly do your torture revenge fantasies jive with your supposed Christian beliefs Daniel? Seems to me that people such as yourself cast Christianity in a not dissimilar light as the other “religion of peace”.

      Hypocrisy and bloodlust run deep in all religions, comments such as yours serve to prove the joke that is religion. This man is a horrible person, so it must be ok to do horrible things to him? When Jesus said love thy neighbour, was there a clause that said unless they are a bad person?

      People like you are no better or different than these ISIS sickos Danny boy, so get off your goddamned high horse.

  2. Jay says:

    Joshua, you need better reading comprehension. Daniel would not lower himself to that level, which is obvious from his post.

    There is only one major religion whose founder told his followers to: 1. Kill anyone who criticizes the prophet/the ideology/sharia. That would include criticism of Sayyaf killing kuffars and apostates. 2. Kill anyone who leaves the faith. 3. Make war on the kuffar for all time until all are converted. 4. Deceive the unbeliever.

    Daniel is better and different from these sickos. Daniel hasn’t killed anyone, there is no moral equivalence.

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ISIS Executioner lived by the sword, dies by the knife

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