Israeli jihad victim: “Getting stabbed saved my life”


Paramedics work on 31 year-old stabbing victim Daniel Cohen

In these times where it seems as if the world is burning, it is nice to be able to report the occasional silver lining. Such a tale is coming out of Israel, where doctors discovered and removed an intestinal tumor from a 31 year-old stabbing victim.

From the Times of Israel:

“I was in the middle of a work day,” Cohen, a kashrut supervisor, said. “I was in the central bus station… I waited for the bus and did not see anything suspicious. Then I walked a few steps and suddenly the attacker lunged at me and strangled me.

“I felt like my neck was going to snap. He took out a knife and tried to behead me. I tried to move him with my hand and then he tried to stab me in the neck. I moved my head so he hit my jaw, near the ear. He pushed me to the floor and stabbed along my left side, in my chest, in my stomach and in my shoulder,” the father of five recounted.

“When Magen David Adom paramedics arrived I was still conscious but when I got to Assaf Harofeh Hospital they put me under. I went into a four-hour surgery. It went well, they took out my spleen and a bit of my liver. My intestines were damaged. As they were treating these organs, they found a growth on my intestine that I didn’t know I had. They cut it out and sewed what they needed to,” he added.

“Thank God, I am now in good condition a week later,” he said. “They said they found the tumor when they were operating. If they wouldn’t have removed it, it could have gotten worse.”

Since I am making a concerted effort to not dominate our feed with Intifada/Jihad posts, though I certainly could if I wanted to, I figured I would add this bonus feel-good story from the Knife Intifada since we are on the topic anyway.

Not every jihadi is a super-warrior. Among their ranks are this winner, or rather was this winner. He made the mistake of charging two armed security guards.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

You can read more about this particular incident here.


  1. jlottmc says:

    L-shaped ambush for the win. A feel good story in dark times too, good work.

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Israeli jihad victim: “Getting stabbed saved my life”

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