Israeli soldier uses Krav Maga to defend herself and disperse a crowd

real life Krav Maga

A female Israeli soldier demonstrates proper groin kick form.

(Welcome Instapundit readers: Since there have been several people who have made comments after watching the video without reading my comments below, I am going to quote the important part here:

‘This is far from an example of a Master taking out a gang of thugs but there are some lessons to be learned from this both pro and con.”

So with that in mind, thank you for visiting. I was a little surprised by the Instalanche on this post. It is a bit off topic. But if you are interested in knives, please check out our interview with Ka-Bar designer and industry legend Ethan Becker. It went live today and is an example of a more typical post at TTAK.)

The internet is full of people demonstrating Krav Maga and other martial arts techniques in a gym. Seldom is a real-life defensive situation captured so clearly on video. An off duty Israeli soldier recently came to the aid of a vehicle that was trapped by a mob of protesters. She needed to use her Krav training to defend herself and disperse the crowd.

From Daily Mail UK:

A fearless female soldier put her martial arts training to good use when she fought off dozens of Jewish ultra-Orthodox anti-draft protesters during a rally in Jerusalem.

Off-duty soldier Nomi Golan fended off a baying crowd of protesters, demonstrating against the arrest of two yeshiva students who refused to show up to the military recruitment office.

Using a series of expert karate kicks and chops, Golan held back the violent rabble who were preventing a car from driving up a street.


IDF soldiers are taught the Israeli fighting method of Krav Maga, which uses elbows, knees and locks to inflict as much damage on enemies as possible.

The Washington Post reports that her subsequent interview in Hebrew with local media revealed she had stopped to help the car pass through the protest.

She said her was to approach the protest’s leaders and tell them to back off.

‘They attacked me, so as a soldier, a civilian, an old woman, young or no matter what role I or what I was wearing, I defended myself as I would in any other situation,’ she said, according to the Facebook page First Report, quoted by the Post.

During such angry ulta-Orthodox protests, young men block roads and spit and curse at passing motorists to draw attention to their anger over military service.

Obviously, if the mob were out for blood she would have been in a world of trouble. From what I understand, the Ultra-Orthodox position is not particularly popular to begin with. It is Palestinians that see killing female soldiers as a good thing. The Israeli public would go ballistic if a female soldier were to be killed by a mob of protesting nebbishes.

This is far from an example of a Master taking out a gang of thugs but there are some lessons to be learned from this both pro and con.

I admire her courage, and hope the outcome will be as successful if I ever need to put my Krav Maga training to work. That said, she needs to do a MUCH better job maintaining her guard and not giving up her back entirely. She was lucky that she only received a kick in the ass at the :54 second mark. It could have just as easily been a cracked skull or a knife in the back. On the positive side, it is interesting to see how much space can be created with jabbing kicks. She does get in effective groin and round kicks as well. It was honestly that kick combination that showed me that she had some training, even if she made some significant mistakes.

I have a hard time believing that the motorist she was attempting to help was not more aggressively trying to move through the crowd. The first time she created a bubble they should have been all over it. As Glen Reynolds once famously said if you are in a situation where a mob is beating on your car and you are in fear for your life, “Run them down”.


  1. Button Gwinnett says:

    Best lesson: She looked supremely confident. She LOOKED like she could take on a dozen attackers, Bruce Lee style.
    Confidence matters.

    1. Military Brat says:

      As I learned in the Army, COMMAND presence and COMMAND voice can make a platoon of hardened soldiers do, right fu*king now, what the short, slight Lieutenant orders.

      It has helped me stare down potential attackers in civilian life for many decades. Thugs want easy prey. Do not let them ever think that you are.

  2. wjamyers says:

    This is stupid click-bait BS. Those kicks were pathetic. That “mob” was pathetic. The headline on this post is worse than both. This will be my last visit to your worthless website.

    1. Thank you for visiting. Have a nice day.

      1. “This is far from an example of a Master taking out a gang of thugs but there are some lessons to be learned from this both pro and con. “

        It is a teachable moment.

      2. Dan says:

        An appropriate comment to a troll.

        This woman is an Israeli. She is, if your diagnosis is correct, a member of the IDF or has had some of their training. She knows the nature of the protest that is happening. Yes, she gave her back to unknowns…but she knew what she was giving her back to. I doubt she would have given it in the same way to Palestinian or other protesters (you know, the ones who AREN’T demonstrating out of their pacifism).

        Maybe her “mistakes” were well-calculated gambles that she was in relatively harmless company and just wanted everybody to get out of there ok? In my area there is a biker bar. I behave VERY differently when I am there than when I am in a bar downtown where it’s mostly college kids out to explore the effects of alcohol on the human brain. Maybe it’s the same thing.

  3. Ironmike says:

    Actually, it doesn’t look like she did much. She kicked him twice and he kicked her (much more effectively) once. The fight was not out of either of them. It seems the authority of her uniform had the biggest effect.

  4. Ironmike says:

    Watched the whole thing and the most striking thing is that the woman ended up getting hit a lot more than she needed to because the dumbasses in the car wouldn’t drive on. Her whole reason for being there was that the car was stopped by the mob and even when she had cleared a way they didn’t proceed. Also, I thought one of the principles of Kra Maga is you pick a target, neutralize that target then move to the next target, which she clearly didn’t do.

  5. Henry says:

    I ‘ve seen more intimidating crowds at my dunkin donuts

  6. Casey says:

    Brave punks, aren’t they? fifty-plus to one, and she’s unarmed. Disgusting.

  7. Archaeopteryx says:

    Do not piss off the redhead.

  8. eyesfrontmen says:

    What a bunch of feminist nonsense.
    If those men had wanted to hurt her, they would have hurt her and nothing she could have done would have stopped that.
    You people are perpetuating myths to women that are going to end up getting them hurt.

  9. docweasel says:

    Nothing against your site, but her kicks did look pretty ineffectual. Looks to me like the crowd wasn’t really interested in engaging, lucky for her. If anything, this emphasizes why males are still the best soldiers. This plucky little girl just doesn’t have the muscle mass or strength to put anything behind her kicks, and she seems like she received maybe a week of desultory instruction on the neighborhood watch level instead of real training in self-defence . Kind of reminds me of Kip in this:

  10. Akiva says:

    A number of facts to help in understanding… yes she’s a soldier, she’s wearing an IDF uniform with an oversized puffy winter fleece. The crowd is protesting religious zealots who…don’t use weapons, don’t attack with knives, don’t use clubs or bottles. They just get pushy. It’s also part of their religious principles not to come in physical contact with a woman. (Of course any crowd can be ridiculously dangerous just by size and many people reacting mindlessly.)

    So the crowd is not necessarily backing off from her physical threat, but from the religious threat of coming in contact with her. And she clearly knows this and is using it as an intimidation. Now there are some hotheads in the crowd that are going to breach their own principles, and that’s where the physical comes in.

    That said, such protests never end up with dead police or dead protesters, or even seriously injured ones on either side. No one is stabbing the other in the back. There are some moments where the police get overzealous and beat some protesters, and protesters who do pound on cars and do infrastructure damage (lighting garbage dumpsters and tearing down light polls is a favorite.)

    Not exactly the Watts riots of the US.

    Note there are plenty of guns and knives at such events…no one is pulling them. Israeli society is remarkably disciplined about lethal violence.

  11. Dmitry says:

    You do not understand the Israeli mood. any serious thing is unthinkable, it would imply huge 24/7 outcry, these demonstrators would be flattened by everyone next day, including their leaders, universally rejected etc. Do not confuse them with Palestinians, who are paid and lionized for killing children. She knows what she is doing.

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Israeli soldier uses Krav Maga to defend herself and disperse a crowd

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