It shouldn’t be an incendiary image: Actor Tom Hardy’s bodyguard pictured with a knife.


Gasp! A knife. I’m traumatized.

British actor Tom Hardy was attending a London nightclub to celebrate the premier of his latest movie, The Revenant. His bodyguard was spotted carrying what appears to be a verboten locking folder in his belt kit.

From DailyMailUK:

The British heartthrob was surrounded by star-struck women as he made his way to a party last night with his well-dressed security guard by his side.

But a photo of the actor’s aide shows a number of tools, including what looks like a folding knife and high-powered torch, hanging on the inside of his jacket to take care of any eventuality…


…It is illegal to carry knives in public without good reason, unless the knife has a folding blade and is less than three inches long.

Courts generally decide what is a good reason, but taking them to or from work has previously been given as an example of when it is legal.”

We have covered runaway UK hoplophobia before, so this isn’t really news in itself, but the reaction from the British Bodyguards Association is priceless.

“A spokesman for the British Bodyguard Association said the apparent knife may be a multi-tool which many bodyguards carry with them.

The spokesman said: ‘A number of bodyguards carry Leatherman-style multi-tools with them which may be helpful for a number of reasons while working.

‘This man also appears to also be carrying a torch, which, again, are a common tool carried by bodyguards in case they have to walk through the dark.

‘Bodyguards are told as part of their courses that you cannot carry weapons or CS spray and the law on that is explained to them.’

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson said: ‘Possession of a lock knife is an offence, and a person found carrying one would be arrested on suspicion of possession of an offensive weapon.’

A representative for Tom Hardy has been contacted by MailOnline. “

If that is a Leatherman, I will eat it.

This story is only newsworthy in that it is newsworthy at all. While I take responsibility for kitting-up myself, rather than outsource it, were I paying someone to be prepared on my behalf I would want them to have a knife. It is a travesty that the authorities wish to prevent this.


  1. sagebrushracer says:

    so what the cops say, a body guard cannot have weapons? huh, hard job then.

    Also, yeah, if that a multi tool, i will eat my shorts.

  2. simonVicAustralia says:

    The bodyguard should have his knife badge removed regardless for carrying the knife clip in, knife out. If he had it clipped securely there would be no problem.Tom should spring for a Pops Custom Clip for the bodyguard!

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It shouldn’t be an incendiary image: Actor Tom Hardy’s bodyguard pictured with a knife.

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