It’s coming: Forged in Fire Season 3 premiers August 23rd

In his 5 from the Grinder piece, Murray Carter said that television shows such as History’s Forged in Fire play an important role in introducing the public at large to the notion of a crafted knife.

“I think one of the most significant things in the past couple of years has been the Forged in Fire TV series on the History Channel. It is already (filming) Season 3, and looks like other TV producers are interested in the same theme. It has brought a new awareness to the forged blade, it has brought the concept of bladesmithing to the living rooms of many people across the world who never knew that knives could come out of any other setting than an industrial or factory setting.”

Granted Carter-san was a contestant in the first season, finishing 2nd in his episode, but with spinoff shows such as Iron and Fire among others the near-term future looks bright for the genre.


Season 3 premiers Tuesday August 23rd 8pm EDT. I will certainly be watching, will you?



  1. Jake says:

    DVR is set and ready, can’t wait.

  2. Sam L. says:

    Too far out for me to set my DVR, but it’s on my calendar!

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It’s coming: Forged in Fire Season 3 premiers August 23rd

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