Jack-O-Lantern Contest Entry and a few Housekeeping notes.

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Stephen T is throwing his hat in the ring with his rendition of Bowser from the Mario Kart video game series.

Reader Stephen T. submits this pumpkin with the Character “Bowser” from the Mario Kart video game. The horns and pipe-cleaner flames are a nice touch. If you wish to enter a jack-o-lantern and try to win some free steel, please send your submission to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com. I am going to keep the contest open through the end of the weekend – midnight EST Sunday/Monday. So there is still time to enter.

There has been a reader request for more “actual knife content”. We are working on it. Reviews with the kind of testing and detail for which we have become known take time. If I just tested and wrote reviews, I would get about 3 posts a month out. They would be lovely reviews, or at least I hope so, but the community we are attempting to build here would wither away. From the beginning, TTAK has been about more than just knives themselves, in the way that The Truth About Guns covers all aspects of gun culture.

Frankly, there has been a lot of news on the political/culture front. With beheadings and hatchet attacks by jihadi lowlifes in just the last month, several Village Voice pieces critical of NYC knife laws and more –  we would be remiss if we neglected this side of our mission. We want to be the best knife-culture blog on the internet.

The knife reviews are our bread-and-butter, and more are always in the pipeline. There are only so many hours in the day. Every hour I spend testing is an hour that I am not able to bring you fresh content. I try to strike the right balance.

Thank you for reading.

An alternate photo of Stephen’s pumpkin and a tease of the final test for the Benchmade Steep mountain are below the jump.




As I said, there are always knife reviews in the queue. Tonight I finished my final test of the Benchmade Steep Mountain Hunter. Several weeks ago I posted a how-to video by Schrade for making a gig/survival spear. I one-upped the video with my test. The video instructor uses a folding camp saw. Mine, while an ugly fist attempt, used only the Steep Mountain. Your move Schrade.


An ugly but functional survival gig. Far from perfect, but proves the concept.

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Jack-O-Lantern Contest Entry and a few Housekeeping notes.

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