Jerusalem Mayor and Bodyguard Subdue Knife-Wielding Jihadi

The video above is pretty poor quality, but it clearly shows the Arab teenager begin to stab the Orthodox Jewish victim. Nir Barkat, mayor of Jerusalem and former Israeli paratrooper (in white shirt) can be seen with his entourage subduing the terrorist.

There is higher quality video in this article from YNetNews that shows the mayor tending to the victim along with the paramedics. Kudos to Mayor Barkat, but it bears note that your average Jerusalem resident has little ability to carry either a bodyguard or a firearm. It might be time for a re-examination of Israeli self-defense law, something that should be a no brainer in a society where the overwhelming majority of people have formal weapons training.

From YnetNews:

 “Barkat told reporters that he had been on his way to the office when his guards spotted a commotion. “We saw a terrorist with a knife standing and looking for the next thing to do,” he said.

He described how a guard cocked his weapon, causing the attacker to drop his knife and allowing Barkat and his guards to overpower him. “It’s clear to me that if the terrorist had continued stabbing, he would not be alive right now. But because he dropped the knife we overpowered the terrorist, and I hope he is punished appropriately.”

Asaf Na’amani, the guard who drew his gun, recalled: “From the moment we jumped out of the car, I noticed a terrorist armed with knife trying to cross the street. I told him to drop the knife; he froze in place and then dropped it. The mayor and I jumped on him and wrestled him to the ground. In our world, there’s no such thing as hesitation – there’s only yes or no.”

Barkat, 55, served as an officer in the paratroopers’ brigade. A former high-tech entrepreneur, he was elected as Israel’s mayor of Jerusalem in 2008.”

Now just try to picture such bad-assery from Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. It is an entertaining image.


  1. I dunno, I bet Rob Ford all hopped up on his choice of drug could be a formidable foe…cool video though! and arm the people already, Especially with this knife intifada.

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Jerusalem Mayor and Bodyguard Subdue Knife-Wielding Jihadi

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