Jihadi shot and killed after stabbing German Policewoman


Berlin police investigate the scene of the shooting.

A German parolee of Iraqi-origin was shot and killed by police in Berlin after he stabbed a policewoman last Thursday.

From Deutsche Welle:

“Police said the man lived in Berlin and had been sentenced to prison by the regional court in Stuttgart in 2008. He was subsequently released on parole and also wore an electronic tag, which he removed on Thursday morning before the attack.

Investigators first learned of the incident via a phone call from a passer-by on Heerstrasse in western Berlin’s Spandau area, according to local public broadcaster RBB. The caller said a man with a knife was threatening people. Four police cars reached the area, a police spokesman told reporters.

The man attacked one of the officers, who stepped out of her car. Several shots were fired after that, although it is not known how many police officers shot at the attacker.”

The policewoman’s injuries were extensive enough to require helicopter evacuation.

With tens of thousands of colonists refugees arriving in Germany each day, there can’t possibly be more such attacks on the horizon can there?


  1. elcas says:

    here is the problem why do we care for them and invite them in our countries ((i’m european) when we have nothing in commun, when they don’t respect us, our traditions or don’t even want to be here
    what they really wish is to live here as they ived there, without realizing that it is this very lifestyle that made them flee their countries
    how can we chack how many jihadis are in the lot?
    why do we have to solve their problems?
    why are the refugees mostly young males?

  2. Spencer says:

    Expect more of the same in Western Europe (and soon in the U.S.) now that jackass do-gooders and lickspittle politicians have invited in with open arms these undesirables and their discordant cultural values. Utterly stupid, yet it would be poetic justice if our sympathetic fools became the first victims of domestic jihad.

  3. stuartb says:

    … and I thought TTAK was a more relaxed crowd!

    The article seems way more fun if you miss read it as “Jedi”

    1. Ban pointy things…for the Padwans .

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Jihadi shot and killed after stabbing German Policewoman

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