Junkyard Dog Preview

Image: Chris Dumm

Alright everyone. Chris was kind enough to send me this Junkyard Dog to review for you. Unfortunately this is not the full review. I hope to get it out soon, but I hesitate making promises since this semester’s work load is a bit more than last semester’s. My first impressions of this knife are wonderful. Chris describes is as a tank, but I hesitate to go that far, considering some recent purchases (stay tuned). Overall, this is a good knife for the price point, but there are some areas for improvement.

Image courtesy KAI-USA

This model is the composite blade with a D2 cutting edge. (The sawtooth pattern in the blade is where the D2 is grated onto the 14C28N body.) This knife is a factory blem that Chris picked up at the Kewshaw Factory Sale in December, so it was a bit cheaper than normal.

Our best guess of what the blemish is is a backspacer that is just barely not flush. This does not affect the performance of the knife in any way. The blade still pops out smoothly on its bronze bushings, and the ergonomics are still good. In fact, the ergonomics are freakin’ fantastic in both standard and reverse grips. Also from the little bit of cutting I’ve done with it, it simply chews through cardboard.

Overall this is a great knife, but there are a few things that can be better. The first is the clip. It is large, obnoxious, and tip-down only. The clip needs to be slimmed down to where it is not gaudy and needs to be reversible. The second problem is with the detent. Having a good detent can make or break a flipper. The detent on this knife is nearly non-existent, and with such a heavy blade you basically have to flick your wrist or it just won’t open all the way. With a good detent, the knife should fly open and lock when you simply overcome the pressure of the detent.

You can argue that my Ferrum Forge Pretium has spoiled me for cheaper flippers, but the CRKT Carajas has a fantastic detent for a $75 knife. I’ve noticed this with many cheaper flippers. My third complaint is more of just a personal preference. I’d like there to be a choil in front of the flipper. With a 3.75″ blade, it wouldn’t be detracting much cutting surface. Also with the curvature of the spine of the blade, it seems natural to choke up on it.

Well, there’s my quick introduction to the Junkyard Dog. I hope to have the cutting tests done soon, since I have cardboard piling up in my room. Until then I’ll be trying to survive college.


  1. Matt in FL says:

    An interesting looking knife. Looking forward to reading more about it.

    1. Nathan says:

      The ergonomics and Kershaw’s fantastic hollow grind make it worth checking out

  2. Tom in Oregon says:

    I like the looks. It’s really too bad the clip is not reversible. I do like tip up carry.
    Look forward to the write up.

  3. WonderJay says:

    I’m looking hard at this as a next purchase. It seems less junkyard and more geek to me, the combining of two metals is certainly cool. I’ll be watching for a full review for sure.

  4. Dogman says:

    I have one. Like the knife but hate the clip. I removed the damn thing because it’s too big and too obnoxious to use. Without the clip, the knife is too large to comfortably carry loose in a pocket. So I don’t.

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Junkyard Dog Preview

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