Just An Ordinary Automotive Tool, Officer: Trucker’s Friend

Image courtesy Innovation Factory

Truckers have carried hickory-shafted ‘tire whackers’ in their cabs for decades, because they need to check that all of their rig’s 18 wheels are inflated before hitting the highway for Georgia with a trailer full of Coors. How many actual tires ever got whacked with these billy clubs is anybody’s guess, but they were undoubtedly used for other more martial purposes as well.

Innovation Factory has taken this concept to a whole new level. Instead of slapping a silly label on a police nightstick, they’ve added a few utility tools to a one-handed Viking battleaxe and named it the ‘Trucker’s Friend.’ Needless to say, preppers and Zombie enthusiasts are going nuts over the thing, while truckers themselves are probably giving it a big ‘meh.’

It would be even badder if it had a stabbing point at the end, but that would kind of detract from the “it’s just a tool, officer” vibe, wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking our Prius will definitely need one of these in the trunk. Sure, the Prius tires are smaller than Homer Simpson’s soul donut, but that doesn’t mean I might not have to chop out the brains of the living dead tighten a tire chain or clear away some brush that’s blocking the road someday.


  1. ChuckN says:

    Not something I would ever use on a big rig/truck. It’s more of a
    gimmicky “combines 20 tools in one” thing; while being only
    marginally good at any of them.

  2. Aharon says:

    My first impression of this thing was “wow, that’s really cool” though after reflecting upon it I agree it is probably too much of generalist tool and not specialized enough. Still, for the person who chooses not to purchase several specific tools to keep in their vehicle for an emergency I think the “Trucker’s Friend” is better than nothing. It might be more accurately called the “Suburbanites Commuter Emergency Tool”.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    I suppose in any ordinary scenario, there are a bunch of tools that would do a better job. That’s assuming you had access to them, which you would in any ordinary scenario. In a situation where you had access to only this, it appears it would serve well enough. Better than nothing.

  4. scubamatt says:

    No commercial trucker would be caught dead with this in his rig, and if he had one he sure as hell wouldn’t use it to bump his tires. I drove over the road for years, and there is nothing at all about that tool that looks useful to me.

    In fact, which part would you swing at your tires, anyway? The blunt hammer face, so that the rebounding tool would have the shiny and sharp axe head sinking into your thigh? Brilliant…

    Trucker’s Friend is just a very stupid name for this product, as it is completely unsuited for any kind of trucking task.

  5. Bob Damon says:

    Well, in my Prius I carry a cold steel special forces shovel. Winter brings snow and ice, often conveniently piled up behind your car by a friendly snow plow driver.
    The shovel works well on the ice. Not a good snow shovel, but I carry a small snow shovel too. I sharpen the blade each fall, and actually practice using it for non snow activities a few times a year.

  6. Ralph says:

    This is the first A”trucker’s friend” I’ve seen that didn’t require inflation.

    1. pyratemime says:

      Come now Ralph some trucker friends blow into the stem as surely as the reverse.

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Just An Ordinary Automotive Tool, Officer: Trucker’s Friend

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