Just Arrived For Testing: Opinel No. 8 ‘Carbone’

Image: Chris Dumm

What better impulse purchase can you make than a truly classic pocket/utility knife for less than $15? When I picked up Tyler’s Chris Reeve Sebenza from the professional sharpening guy at Hawthorne Cutlery, a whole bucket of Opinels tempted me. I didn’t go there to buy any more knives, but…


Image: Chris Dumm

My resolve yielded to my curiosity, and my wallet came home $14 lighter. My pocket gained 1.7 ounces of the ultimate old-school tool materials: hardwood and carbon steel. The slender X90 blade has a crispy-sharp feel and the newsprint-shaving sharpness to match it.

It’s insanely comfortable, and I know it will cut. The only real challenge will be to keep it from rusting.


  1. Jay says:

    I love my opinels. I use them often with food, so I keep them oiled with vegetable oil. Works great. They are developing quite the patina.

  2. Robert says:

    If you rinse the blade in hot water after you use it and wipe it dry, you’ll rarely have a problem with rust. Just be sure to clean it promptly and not leave it laying on the kitchen counter for more than a few minutes, or the rusting process will start.

    The Opinel is one of the best pure cutting knives you will find. You can’t use it for prying or batoning, but for simple cutting it can’t be equaled.

  3. jwm says:

    The opinel and Buck and Old Timers were the type of knives that our grandfathers and fathers carried everywhere with them and and handled most if not all their cutting needs.

    Even our fixed blade, belt knives were more of a utility nature to them. Then came Rambo. And Hollywood, in it’s wisdom, showed us what we were missing.

  4. MOG says:

    Was my main knife on 3,000 mile round trip bicycling and camping. Well worn and still good, the blade weathers, but sharpens up with little effort. Need a handy camping knife? It’s a good one.

  5. Cliff says:

    I have one that is at least thirty years old and keeps on ticking.

    1. Sam L. says:

      Must have death-watch beetles!

  6. Adam says:

    I just ordered my first about a month ago and now I’m up to 4, 8-12 plus a No.12 saw. All mine are carbon steel but all of the tips have blunt edges. They take an edge very well though.

  7. Sam L. says:

    Just got a #8 today. It is sharp.

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Just Arrived For Testing: Opinel No. 8 ‘Carbone’

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