Just Arrived: Wilmont Knives “Wharny” and Empire Outfitters swag.


Happy Birthday to me. And some party favors for you.

I am turning 39 for the last honest time this weekend, and I received quite the present from my friend Craig Nugent at Empire Outfitters.  I met Craig at Blade, and I am looking forward to hoisting a beverage with him when I see him again at this year’s show. The big item Craig sent was a Wharny from Wilmont Knives out of Fayetteville, NC. I will do a detailed first impression in the coming days, but I do want to take a minute to plug for the knife’s maker, Chris Williams.

Chris is a 20 year US Army Combat Veteran, and a really nice guy. His primary gig is Owner of Wilmont Grinders. He produces some of the best grinders in the industry, knife-making itself is a side-job. He was connected to Craig through another Veteran, and a business venture arose. Craig made a financial arrangement to be the exclusive dealer for what Chris produces when working with his grinders. Wilmont Knives was born. (Or at least that was my understanding from my conversation with Craig this afternoon.)

Empire Outfitters is a family run knife shop in Syosset, NY. They specialize in dealing high-end production knives as well as knives from custom makers, Wilmont is just one. Craig included a t-shirt, mug, “Beer-Defender“, and a whole bunch of stickers. I am going to give away a bunch of this swag, starting with a sticker for the first person who posts the retail price of the Wharny in the comments of this post – go look it up. I am going to also include giveaways in my comments on posts in the coming weeks. So keep reading my comments in the “Recent Comment” section. They will be within my comments on a sporadic basis. Sometimes for the bigger items I will send you on an internet scavenger hunt. I want to keep it lively.

Thanks again to Chris and Craig. The knife looks like it is going to be a fantastic tool to test. Burly. And I am going to have fun with the giveaways. I hope you all do too.

As is our policy at TTAK, we always disclose whether the gear we test is a personal purchase – whether retail or discount, or if the knife was a gift or a loaner.

I did not purchase this knife, and I have not discussed whether it is a gift for my collection or if they want it back. I will cross that bridge when we get there and until then I intend to use it like I stole it. My first impression is that the knife will handle it.



  1. Shoopmonster says:


    1. Send me an email @thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com with your address and I will drop it in the mail.

      Keep reading my comments. I will be giving away more stickers, the Tshirt, and more.

  2. Mark says:

    Happy birthday!
    The beer defender looks fun! I hope you enjoy breaking it in this weekend.

    1. Thanks. A sticker for you and one for the first person to post 4 other brands/makers of knives that Empire carries.

  3. duroSig556R says:

    Empire carries Peter Rassenti, Sam Eddleman, Pohan Leu, Sniper Bladeworks, all knives I wish I could afford.

    I would like the tshirt please…;)

  4. chris kamburoff says:

    Wilmont Wharny. $250.00 retail

    1. It was called already, but I am feeling generous. Email your address to thetruthaboutknives@gmail.com and I will send you one.

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Just Arrived: Wilmont Knives “Wharny” and Empire Outfitters swag.

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