KA-BAR Unleashes the Jarosz Choppa

It’s SHOT Show time, and that means new releases from many of the major knife companies. Although neither Clay or I have been able to attend SHOT, thanks to that series of tubes we call the internet, we still get to see the new goods. First up is a new collaboration between KA-BAR and Jesse Jarosz, the Choppa!


Specs are below. KA-BAR have also uploaded their 2017 catalog, which you can check out here and includes some more new blades along with their old favorites.

I like the looks of it. Judging by the silhouettes in the back of the catalog, the Choppa is roughly the same size as the KA-BAR produced Becker BK9. Thats a darn good place to be.

Due to the handle design and a slightly more obtuse grind (which should mean more weight in the blade), the Choppa might hit a little harder than the Becker when swinging it, but the BK9 looks to have slightly more sharpened edge due to the large finger choil on the Choppa. The banner photo above appears to show thumb scallops in the scales as well, although they don’t really show up full profile shot. I hope they are included in the final product. Combined with the choil, those scallops should make an easier go of any “small knife” tasks you put to the blade. I look forward to handling one if I get the chance.

KA-BAR Releases Jarosz Choppa

KA-BAR Knives is pleased to announce the release of the new USA-made
Jarosz Choppa at the 2017 SHOT Show and now available at KA-BAR.com!

The KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa is made in the USA with 1095 Cro-Van steel.
The Choppa measures 15” overall and has a blade length of 9.875”.
The Choppa is 0.1875” thick. The handles are Ultramid ®.  A polyester,
MOLLE-compatible sheath comes with the Choppa and allows for the
smaller KA-BAR Jarosz Globetrotter to attach to the front of the sheath.

The KA-BAR Jarosz Choppa is made in Olean, NY and features KA-BAR’s
legendary lifetime warranty.  KA-BAR designer Jesse Jarosz will be at the
KA-BAR SHOT Show booth to debut the Choppa and answer any questions
on the KA-BAR/Jarosz lineup.

KBD Master Series Jarosz Choppa                                     MSRP: $144.27
Item: 7507
Blade Length: 9.875″
Overall Length: 15″
Sheath: Heavy-Duty Polyester – MOLLE Compatible

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KA-BAR Unleashes the Jarosz Choppa

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