Ka-Bar Video: No Ammo Required

This video is only a little bit less depressing than the flash-forward scenes of refugees huddling underground in the original Terminator movie. Besides its intended message that a knife is a self-sufficient tool for self-sufficient people, this bleak Ka-Bar production reminds me of two things. First, that anarchy is liberty only for the strongest and most ruthless. And second, that I promised to pick up steaks for grilling this weekend.


  1. Aharon says:

    Steaks are good. Enjoy them while you can before the collapse…OK, seriously Ka-Bar has another of these vids in the series called “Zombie Garage”. I’m not a zombie-fan yet it’s really funny. In the vid there are some good knife meets zombie scenes. You can find it the KaBar site.

  2. Out_Fang_Thief says:

    Does Ka-bar want us to guess from what mammal that meat was cut?
    Should we naturally assume that it came from something with 4 legs?

  3. jwm says:

    If he’s planning on cooking that meat in that building full of refugees and survivors he’d better have something belt fed and air cooled to back up that Ka Bar.

    1. Pat says:

      Clearly, since its a Ka Bar, it will be consumed Tar Tar…as an appetizer. The main course will be the young girl, uncooked, with apple in her mouth.

  4. Pro-Liberty says:

    “anarchy is liberty only for the strongest and most ruthless”

    This is a lie. Anarchy doesn’t mean “no rules,” only “no rulers.” Defense agencies under anarchy would be far more effective and responsive than government police.

    See, e.g., http://mises.org/journals/jls/14_1/14_1_2.pdf

  5. Doc Bob says:

    So what dead guy is missing his backstraps…

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Ka-Bar Video: No Ammo Required

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