Kentucky Knife Preemption Bill Introduced For 2014 Session

Image Courtesy Kentucky Legislature

We covered Kentucky state knife laws a few months ago, and I concluded that they’re generally friendly but terribly vague. They also lack preemption, but state senator Robin Webb is making another try to change that. Senator Webb’s knife-law preemption bill BR 384 would nullify all local- and county-level knife laws and prohibit any new ones from taking effect. BR 384 will be considered during the Bluegrass State’s short 2-month legislative season, starting January 7th.

BR 384 doesn’t just wipe the slate clean of local knife laws in Kentucky: it’s got teeth. It proactively nullifies any new local knife laws, and makes it a criminal offense for any local public official to pass or enforce them.

Senator Webb may be a Democrat, but she’s a solid defender of Kentuckian’s 2nd Amendment liberties. She’s got an A+ rating the official endorsement of the NRA-ILA, and she’s been working to reform Kentucky’s knife laws for years. She introduced a similar bill, SB 211, late in the 2013 legislative session but it was never acted on. Kentucky’s lawmakers only meet in session for about two months of each year, and the clock ran out on senator Webb’s 2013 bill.

Let’s hope the second time is the charm!

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Kentucky Knife Preemption Bill Introduced For 2014 Session

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