Kershaw clarifies warranty policy for discontinued knives

Kershaw warranty

Kershaw/Kai warranty service has a exceptional reputation within the knife community. I trawl several knife groups and forums, and the praise is almost universal. When I sent my admittedly abused Leek in for service, I received a replacement, no questions asked, in a matter of a couple of weeks. Color me very pleased, but what about discontinued Kershaws? They clarified their warranty policy for discontinued blades in a recent blog post on their site.


As many of you know, your Kershaw knife is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty. This means that any product with a manufacturing or material defect can be sent in for repair or replacement. However, some of you have expressed concern about sending in your trusty, discontinued knife to our warranty team. After all, we may not have replacements for older products. Hopefully, we can put some of your concerns at ease.

Here’s the deal: if you need warranty service for a discontinued product, we may have the correct parts to repair or replace it. The warranty department is filled with overstock parts that can be used to repair these Kershaws. But even if we don’t have the correct replacements, we still encourage you to send in the knife. There may be something we can do to service it, depending on the issue. Some problems, such as blade play, can sometimes be serviced without the need for replacement parts. In any case, do send in your knife for inspection.

Keep in mind that we are more likely to have replacements for U.S. products. Many of those parts are interchangeable with different U.S. models. Imported inventory is harder to come by, unfortunately, but we may still be able to assist you. Your best bet is to call ahead to our warranty department at 1-800-325-2891 to discuss the best course of action. Alternately, you can send them a message on our website’s contact form.

Sometimes, there is nothing we can do to repair the Kershaw. In these cases, we are happy to offer you a voucher equal to the MSRP of the discontinued product in question. This credit can be used to purchase any replacement Kershaw. That way, you will be able to explore our latest Kershaw offerings and choose a replacement.

Of course, all of our knives, discontinued or otherwise, are eligible for free sharpening for the lifespan of the knife. Sometimes, a fresh, sharp edge makes all the difference if you want your older Kershaw to perform better.

In other words, don’t be afraid to send it in. I had a fantastic experience when I sent in my Leek. I would be truly surprised if your experience is any different (cue comment avalanche of disgruntled Kershaw owners).





  1. Sam L. says:

    I have a number of Kershaw knives, the most expensive being a Leek, the least being a Chill (ok, 3 of them). Have never had a problem with any of them, but it’s good to know they stand (very closely, it seems) behind their products.

  2. cmeat says:

    i kershaw very much.
    the skyline detent is vague enough to prevent the blade from fully flipping to lock without a touch of wrist supplement. not a repair issue.
    my daughter likes her shuffle, but, china. (it came with my knife rights membership).
    the leek(s! d2!) are awesome, but the spring assist paper clip fatigues regularly. thankfully it is simple to replace and provided at no charge from the manufacturer.
    the dividend (m390!) is a new fave, i’m just waiting for what i assume is the same spring to fail. they send out a few replacements at your request so i have spares.

    1. stuartb says:

      M390 you say! That puppy needs a home

      1. cmeat says:

        search for “sprint run” versions of the blade styles you like.
        the dividend checked every box for me outside of the 440 steel. with the better metal it was close to 70 doghairs. good heft, good clip, good flippy.

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Kershaw clarifies warranty policy for discontinued knives

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