Kershaw Factory Sale Swag: Kershaw Junkyard Dog

Image: Chris Dumm

Last Saturday was the first time I saw Kershaw’s composite-blade ‘Junkyard Dog’ in the flesh, and it was ‘want at first sight’ at the annual Kershaw Factory Sale. But it’s not the first interest I’ve had in this knife, which featured in a Question Of The Day back in November.

The oddly-shaped blade is made from two different steels. The spine and body of the blade is 14C28N (not a bad steel in its own right) and the cutting edge is a grafted-on strip of CPM D2 tool steel with a crazy hardness of HRC 61.

Image: Chris Dumm

It promises to be a hell of a cutting tool (and that blade junction just looks awesome) but I’m hesitant to call it an EDC knife. The 3.75″ blade has no thumb studs to help you out if you don’t flip that big blade hard enough, and it’s a tad long for discreet carry. The very large (read: obvious) pocket clip is only set up for right-side, tip down carry.

On the plus side, the non-assisted flipper action is 100% smooth and the liner lock is very solid. The Junkyard Dog is made in the USA and has a street price of about $95, but I paid $39 at the factory sale. This is a factory second, marked with “XXXX” on the blade because of two very minor blemishes on the back of the handle.

I’m thinking of it as a very sturdy midsized working knife instead of an EDC. Once I’m done working with it and writing it up, this knife is going to Nathan in Wyoming for more box-cutting adventures.


  1. Eh says:

    I have a kershaw compound, which has a very similar blade shape, minus the nice steels in this knife. The shape makes for a very useful utility blade though, great for working in the yard and what not.

  2. Aharon says:

    It still reminds me of a dinosaur.

  3. MW says:

    Post photos of the pocket clip arrangement.

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Kershaw Factory Sale Swag: Kershaw Junkyard Dog

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