Kershaw Shuffle: Cheap Utility EDC

Image courtesy KAI USA

Kershaw sells a lot of budget-priced EDC knives, usually from Chinese 8Cr13MoV steel, that quietly get their jobs done. They don’t carry much in the way of supersteel bragging rights, but they’re dependable and extremely affordable. Kershaw has a pretty good batting average in the Cheap EDC World Series, and the new Shuffle looks like it could be another base hit.

It sells for less than $20, which is pushing the lower price limit for a clever knife design with a decent steel blade and acceptable QC. This one’s got Kershaw’s almost-mandatory 8Cr13MoV blade, liner lock and glass-filled nylon grips. (I always assume that ‘glass-filed nylon’ is the same as FRN; one of these days I’ll know for sure.)

It’s also got a lanyard ring/glass breaker/slot screwdriver in the pommel, and you know Kershaw is based in Portland because there’s a bottle opener on the heel of the grip. That 2 3/8″ blade doesn’t seem aimed at the street-tactical market: bad guys might scoff (unwisely) at a small blade, but artisanal craft beers will soil their six-packs at the sight of that bottle opener.


  1. Nate says:

    Looks cool and the price is nice, but I would be wary of the bottle opener. Looks like it would be uncomfortably digging into your palm if you used the knife in anything beyond light duty. Waiting for the review.

  2. Aharon says:

    It looks funny yet practical. My Kershaw Crown EDC (same steel) cost $15 at Walmart. It’s a simple elegant gentleman’s knife and it gets things done.

  3. Matt in FL says:

    I like Kershaw knives. Simple, inexpensive, and durable.

    Still won’t make it onto a plane.

  4. Sam L. says:

    ” …but artisanal craft beers will soil their six-packs at the sight of that bottle opener.”
    One GREAT phrase there, Chris!

    I wouldn’t buy one; the blade is too deep and not pointed enough to slip under line or zip-ties and such like.

    I do have 4 Kershaws, 3 from China.

  5. NavyRetGold says:

    Another one of those “gotta be different in spite of being useless” knives. Probably be nothing more than a bad memory by this time next year.

    I’m waiting on the Kershaw Scrambler to be released. That’s one I can get excited about.

  6. Pat says:

    Kershaw Bear Hunter and a Northside folder. Good Aus 8 and under $20 bucks.

  7. scubamatt says:

    I saw these for sale in our local Walmart this morning, at $14.97 each. My wife (not a knife nut) looked and said ‘Oh that’s cute, but won’t the bottle opener thing hurt your palm?’. Then she noticed all the Bear Grylls stuff in the sales cabinet and said ‘Ugh, let’s go look at fishing rods, we’re wasting time here’.

  8. Roy says:

    You get what you pay for.
    Just say “No” to Chinese steel.

    1. NavyRetGold says:

      The Chinese steel is not necessarily what is wrong with this picture. You can buy a large number of perfectly serviceable Chinese knives at prices that will make your jaw drop. The problem arises when half a dozen artsy designers and middlemen get involved and take a cut of the price and add their screwed up ideas to the design of a knife until it becomes a laughing stock at a steep price, as illustrated by this idiotic “Shuffle”.

      1. CSharp says:

        Guess you were right. It’s now 2016 and the Shuffle is old news. Oh, wait. That’s not right. In fact, not only has Kershaw added blackwash Shuffles to the line, they’ve released the Shuffle II with a tanto-style blade.

        Guess that’s what happens when someone makes hasty judgments and predictions about a knife they’ve never handled…

  9. chuckle head says:

    sorry to party poop your party pooping, but it’s a very comfortable knife to use.
    it is easy to keep in square in the hand, and if you want to choke up on the blade, that is easy and safe, too. it is light enough to be comfortable in the pocket, solid enough to be usable and trustworthy in the hand. and for 14 dollars, how much can you really ask for? this knife gives everything that can reasonably be asked for. realistically, it gives more than that.

    i actually own one. it is good.

  10. Jeremy says:

    Own this knife as well. I also own some very expensive knives. You pay $14 for the little guy and it is actually very comfortable to use. The bottle cap opener works and the butt can be used as a prybar/screwdriver

  11. DomC says:

    The bottle opener could stand a design change imo. It should be reversed and a flattened hook would engage the lip of the bottle cap better. As it s

  12. Brent says:

    I have this knife and it is what I use every day. I don’t have to I have other knives but this one is great. It feels very comfortable in the hand and you get excellent blade control with this thing. I have not cut myself yet on it despite people complaining about the blade being close to your finger. At first I thought the blade would be to small but in real life use it’s great, it’s all belly and that mostly what I use for my cutting activities. I have even used it to cut cable ties despite what a commentator above has said. I have also used the screwdriver and bottle opener on a number of occasions.

  13. Gabriel Pershall says:

    I just bought it, it’s a small knife. the blade is good will be a good addition to my everyday life. Hunting, fishing, camping, working. People who are thinking it is to bulky are wrong. it fits easily and hides easily.

  14. Brian says:

    I just bought a 3 pack of these knives for some emergency bags for each of the cars. They hold well enough for the light duty that they were meant for and the bottle opener does it’s job, but yes it can dig into your palm but only when using it for something it wasn’t meant for (cutting through a 1×1 piece of wood). All in all, a good little knife.

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Kershaw Shuffle: Cheap Utility EDC

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